Our patients have a lot of great things to say. The best way to express what we can do for you is to show what we have done for others like you. SEE ALL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/c/Goninowellness

"Every patient is special and the care his practice gives is amazing!!!"

Anna S.

"I am a 72 year old patient that was diagnosed with Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer 2 years ago. I have choosen to not do any chemotherapy, no radiation and no surgery. Today I generally feel well and overall great. I came to Dr. Gonino in September of 2013 and have followed his program exactly the way it has been prescribe to me. I feel that everything he has to offer in his office is so beneficial and they all work really well together. I feel better now then I did in my early twenties. I highly recommend Dr. Gonino and his staff they treat you with such kindness and you are never a number...


"Sincere thanks for making my first visit such a postive experience in so many ways."

Donna D.

"Thursday was my first visit to the center, and everyone was so kind and welcoming thank you so much. The icing on the cake was the willingness of your team members to go out in the freezing cold weather and jump start my dead car battery. That was way above and beyond. I just wanted to say thank you to Annette and Laci for going out of there way to help me."


"A Proud Testimony to the Benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi with Dr. Gonino and Grace"

Jake R.

"As a 77 year old retired male, I was conscious of loss of balance, more frequent falls, painful back, hips and knees. I could see I needed to do something more than walk the dogs twice a day to limit the loss of body function. My sister, 3 years younger, mentioned Yoga to me. On a visit to Dr. Gonino, I asked for his opinion. He invited me to a Yoga class then being held at his office facility. Well I said , “why not”, and I showed up for the next class.

I must admit these old bones were pretty creaky at first and I had considerable trouble with many of the positions, like getting...


"After literally weeks of barely breathing, I am breathing better today then I have since October!"

Carol C.

"I have been a patient of yours for several years, and I want to report the wonderful and surprising experience I had in your office yesterday December 4, 2013. I was still not feeling well, my wheezing and shortness of breath was increasing, my breathing was decreasing and the congestion in my chest was getting worse. So I called on Monday December 2 ,2013 to see what could be done additionally, to help me with my breathing. Although I had previously scheduled to attend breathing class that day, and did not have an appointment, I was still “worked” into your schedule. Not only did you see...