Monthly Specials

August Specials!

Monday 8/12 - 20% off H2O2

Tuesday 8/13- 20% off diflucan

Wednesday 8/14 20% off glutathione

Thursday 8/15 20% off Chelation

Friday- 8/16 20% off Ozone

Ongoing Discounts

  • Military Discount 20% OFF Monday through Friday any IV.
  • (Excludes SOD, Phosphatidylcholine, DTPA and Artusenate)
  • HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT): Purchase 6 treatments at 20% off for$360.00, and receive the 7th treatment for FREE!! (Regular price per session will be $75.00)
  • RIFE MACHINE:1 for $25 (One Hour Sessions) 12 for $240 (15% savings) 18 for $382.50 (15% savings) Can conveniently be done during your IV Therapy!! Rife Technology is used to treat:Migraines- Certain Cancers -Chronic Fatigue- Allergies-Depression- Fibromyalgia-Lyme's Disease- Chronic Pain.

  • Complete FAT CELL DETOX W / IV’s and Hydration: $402.00
  • Regular Price $581.00 Savings $179.00
  • Includes (Niacin, Activated Charcoal, Magnesium Protocol (Protosorb, Natural Calm, Magnesium Spray, Alka Salts, Trace Minerals and 12 Sauna Treatments and two (2) Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s and two (2) Saline 250ml)

Max Recommended Sauna Treatments: 2-3 Sauna Treatments a week.

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Dr. G never misses his weekly IV!