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The tissues in our bodies need oxygen to regenerate, thrive, survive, and heal. With an increased exposure to oxygen that can saturate your bodies needs in an oxygen chamber can help promote healing at an increased rate. HBOT has been shown effective in many conditions and diseases from cancer, lyme, diabetes, to skin conditions, headaches, and chronic fatigue. There are not many conditions that couldn't be improved with this therapy. Safe and Effective!


We use Sunlighten FAR Infrared sauna along with other spa modules for skin and muscle detoxification. To learn more you can read Dr. Mark Hymans article on the abundant benefits of infrared sauna below.

Infrared saunas have proven very effective in reducing the stress response and creating balance in the autonomic nervous system. They improve circulation, help with weight loss, balance blood sugar, and improve detoxification—each of which improves your brain function.

Infrared saunas have also been shown to reduce complications and improve cardiac performance in heart disease patients. When the autonomic nervous system is in chronic stress mode, the heartbeat becomes less variable. Normally, there is a subtle variability between beats. If there is more variability in the beat-to-beat rhythm, your heart and nervous system are healthier. The least healthy heart rhythm has the least variability—a flat line. There is an infrared sauna on the market, the mPulse Series from Sunlighten, with built in biofeedback capabilities for...


Via zaazmovement.com With modern advancements in fitness, we now have the power to transform our bodies with less effort, and in less time. Movements performed on a ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration (WBV) oscillating platform have been shown to be four times more effective than equivalent exercises performed on a stationary surface. When standing on the platform of a ZAAZ WBV machine, the body experiences vertical oscillating vibrations – a side-alternating rocking movement.

The energy from the oscillating vibrations is safely transferred without impact, deeply stimulating the cells of the body’s muscle, bone and soft tissue. Because the amplitude and intensity of the vibration can be controlled, ZAAZ WBV is intended for users of all types and all fitness levels. There is no stress on the joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other resistance training. The result is more benefit in less time.

Learn more about ZAAZ here: http://zaazmovement.com/about/

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