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Dr. Eric Berg

In this video, I talk about the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).

Epstein Barr Virus is extremely prevalent and a huge player in underlying conditions and diseases. I tend to see an uptick of EBV being activated in people around and right after the Holidays. Why? STRESS! SUGAR! GLUTEN+ (GLYPHOSATE) ADRENALINE! and in general not taking care of themselves because of the hustle and bustle of traveling and partaking in the season. If you know that you have EBV (which most of you do) please think about this as we slide into winter. Be diligent with hydration and your minerals like Alka Salts, come to the office to get IV vitamins and support your liver with Glutathione IV. If you eat sugar know you need to support your gut and come in for a clean up afterwards. Manage your stress with yoga, prayer, meditation and understand it is OK to say "no". The Holidays are a joyous time and no one wants to crash and burn afterwards so take care of yourself and come see us at the practice for support! This is a great video from Dr. Eric Berg explaining EBV.

Know the Cause hosted by Doug Kaufmann

Dr. John Gonino joins Doug Kaufmann on the studio set today, we are recording some new segments for upcoming episodes of Know The Cause, stay tuned!

Dr. Gonino’s segments on Know the Cause hosted by Doug Kaufmann will air tomorrow December 18th and January 3rd! Check website for airing times and places to watch it! #healthandwellness #loveheals #itsafungus #miraclestories


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Dear, California


Being the #DetoxQueen for over twenty two years , and being a recent Malibu Fire evacuee (my house and precious little neighborhood were thankfully spared ) I want to share with anyone affected by the smoke and fires some of what I believe to be the most important and basic things you can do to help...

Linda Gonino wrote out an important detoxification protocol for all in the #CaliforniaFires . To start, you must mineralize! https://goninowellness.com/the-love-heals-blog/dear-california

Know The Cause - Doug Kaufmann


Know The Cause, hosted for 13 years by Doug Kaufmann, is a privately syndicated, national television show airing throughout America.

DR. GONINO ON KNOW THE CAUSE HOSTED BY DOUG KAUFMANN!! On December 18, 2018 and Jan. 3, 2019 Dr. Gonino will be on Know the Cause hosted by Doug KaufmannSpeaking about health, wellness, and some amazing miracles we've seen here at the practice. Tune in and share the news! Watch on www.knowthecause.com, Know the Cause Youtube, or on certain TV channels. Connect to website for more info on TV stations.

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