"A Proud Testimony to the Benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi with Dr. Gonino and Grace"

Jake R.

"As a 77 year old retired male, I was conscious of loss of balance, more frequent falls, painful back, hips and knees. I could see I needed to do something more than walk the dogs twice a day to limit the loss of body function. My sister, 3 years younger, mentioned Yoga to me. On a visit to Dr. Gonino, I asked for his opinion. He invited me to a Yoga class then being held at his office facility. Well I said , “why not”, and I showed up for the next class.

I must admit these old bones were pretty creaky at first and I had considerable trouble with many of the positions, like getting up off my mat from sitting to standing and standing on one leg. I added Tai Chi to work on coordination and balance. A year later, a lot of that creakiness has disappeared with reduced or no pain in back, hips, knees. I have improved balance, strength and endurance. I still have trouble achieving some positions but much less than when I started. If I keep trying, who knows what is possible?

Not only that, Yoga and Tai Chi are fun, with a great group of people including Grace, our instructor, Dr. Gonino, other staff, patients and friends. Grace is a wonderful person and instructor. I meet other people I know in Rockwall having lived here for 25 years but none who admit to being older than me. For me, this has become not only needed exercise, strength and flexibility training, but an additional opportunity to socialize with people I like. While I would gladly pay for the benefits I receive, this training is free courtesy of Dr. Gonino. This has truly been a blessing!!!"

Thank you Dr. Gonino and Grace!!!