+ Cancer: All stages

For many cancer types we believe in controlling the disease in a traditional way. Example: Breast tumors with the surgical removal of tumor or breast/s, Research has shown that certain types respond very well to chemo therapy such as testicular cancers, lymphoma, leukemia, and we will discuss with you taking advantage of those treatments. After the cancer is controlled, if the patient wants to dig deeper into "Why do I have cancer?" we love to take that journey with you in addressing the imbalances of your mind, body, and spirit. We nutritionally, and with IV therapy and supplementation want to help you restore your body and eradicate the proliferation of cancer in your life. Other forms of cancer we treat fully naturally with restorative cancer therapies including High Dose I.V. Vitmin C. I.V Superoxide Dismutase and I.V. Ozone. Other I.V. therapies such as Amino Acid I.V.'s strengthen the body's cells, I.V. Glutathione repairs tissues damaged by anesthesia, chemotherapy, and radiation.