We won against the Texas Medical Board!

The day has finally come when little DAVID BEATS GOLIATH!! After six long years and hundreds of thousands of dollars (our retirement) spent on attorney's fees fighting the corrupt Texas State Medical Board, came to an end last Friday, with the board's decision to drop charges against John, after a doctor under deposition, made a statement that , if made public, would open a nationally known cancer hospital to legal responsibility and a ton of very bad PR . As well as open the state of Texas to a multi million dollar lawsuit, which they would not have been able to win.

It's important to say that we didn't win this case through our constitutional rights or the legal system. We won our case because of divine intervention by the testimony of an honest and angry, at the system, doctor, placing the responsibility on the guilty party.

We took our case to the Federal courts when we realized we would be denied justice at the state board level, but soon learned that even the Tx federal court system, like the TMB regulatory system , is in bed with the biggest corporations in the world,

The TMB has,and will do, anything to shut down Integrative Medicine Doctors who don't play into the corporate medicine game of drugging, cutting , burning and killing. They make up lies and phony complaints that are kept anonymously. All under their own legally protected and self created regulations. Then they deny doctors legal due process and their constitutional rights.

Over the years we have watched the TMB ruthlessly destroy hard working young doctors attempting to change our corporate medical system by quietly helping their patients get better with completely safe and effective therapies.

These doctors were and are a part of a witch hunt (legal term is Bad Faith) for not doing "standard of care." Which is true to some degree in that integrative docs goal is to get their patients well, keeping them out of hospitals, getting off drugs, and avoiding unnecessary surgery, aka "standard of care."

The unrelenting stress of the past six years by the harassment , injustice and illegal practices by the Texas Medical Board has taken a toll on us financially and physically but has made us stronger in our faith in God and standing up for our rights even against great odds.

God wouldn't have given us these gifts without also preparing us to defend them by giving us the strength and courage to see it through .

We, along with many other doctors in Texas, and State Representative, Bill Zedler have organized to fight for reform of Texas health regulatory agencies and the rights of citizens to choose their own healthcare.

Thanks so much to all our friends and family who have supported us with your prayers, THEY WORKED!!

Love you all.

Dr. John and Linda Gonino