(for the privacy of our patients, class pictures are not shown.)

At Gonino Center for Healing we offer extensive patient education and training. We offer informative classes every Wednesday to give the patient more time and flexibility with their schedule. We have a wonderful, capable, and knowledgeable instructor, who loves to answer any and all questions that you may have about nutrition and Candida. Education is key to understanding the integrative medical approach to your health. In these classes lies our foundation for healthy lifestyle changes.


The Nutrition Class is a one time, two hour education class that discusses:

  • Realizing the importance of a balanced body pH.
  • Controlling sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller-coaster.
  • Overcoming adrenaline addiction.
  • How food can heal or make you sick.
  • Food choices for healing and anti-aging.
  • Body cleansing, detoxing & restoration.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation recommendations.
  • Learning why health is not the absence of disease, i.e. what a healthy person truly looks like.
  • Tools for down-regulating stress.


The Candida Class is a one time, hour long education class that discusses:

  • Effective and proven management and treatment of Candidiasis (Candida)
  • Educates the patient on the importance of a balanced inner-terrain ecology.

Breathing Class

One of the key factors necessary to stay well is a balanced pH or slightly alkaline pH. The breath is one of the ways we can influence our pH in positive way.

Classes are pre-booking now and fill up fast.

Call today to reserve your seat or contact us for more info on our wellness training.