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How many times have you heard on the Internet or from an “expert” on TV, there’s no such thing as detoxing, there’s no “SCIENCE” behind it and “your body cleanses itself”? If you’ve questioned the word “detox” like many out there, then you definitely want to read this, and then decide for yourself if what they are leading you to believe is true or not.

A great read for anyone skeptical about detoxifying. We've seen the results at the office with all diseases and we believe it is a necessity for a healthy life. And let's not forget the full throttle research on the MTHFR gene that reduces the bodies ability to detoxify. What are you thoughts on detoxing?


Meet Sesame Street's Julia, a Muppet with Autism. <3 http://www.cbsnews.com/news/julia-sesame-street-new-muppet-autism/

This is a wonderful way to teach understanding and compassion. Way to go PBS

Mac & Cheese and Pancakes

Holy Smokes! Big announcement! Kaden has been selected as 1 of 10 finalists in a Kidtrepreneur contest. Winner selected by most votes at this point. Top prize is $10,000 for his company... and 5 runner-ups will get $500 PLUS a case of Barbara's brand food items. The competition is fierce... so we need EVERY vote EVERY day until April 14th. You need Facebook to vote... can you share this link with EVERYONE you know and click on Kaden's picture? $10,000 would take care of ALL our administrative costs PLUS buy an enormous amount of food that we can donate... please vote!!! 💛💛💛 P.S. Ignore little Kaden's hiccups in his video 😂 http://woobox.com/h4kukn

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Please VOTE, and SHARE this announcement. The blessings just keep rolling! #LoveHeals #LoveWins #GodIsGood

Parents Warn Of Rare Disease Caused By Strep That Doctors Often Miss


Grace was a happy little girl until, virtually overnight, she began having rage-filled outbursts. And her parents are warning everyone of the surprising cause: strep.

Strep is nothing to mess around with. It must be diagnosed and treated correctly. Please read this article so you can understand some after effects of strep in children. Always keep your follow up appointment with your doctor after a strep infection and take note of any changes in behaviors therafter. http://m.godvine.com/read/Parents-Warn-Of-Rare-Disease-Caused-By-Strep-That-Doctors-Often-Miss-1583.html?utm_source=swn

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March Special

Special #1

Buy 2 Ozone IV’s at regular price and receive 1 for FREE

$140.00 savings

IV treatments must be purchased from 03/08/2017 – 03/31/2017 and used by May 1, 2017.

Special #2

Fat Cell Detox - Your Body Stores Toxins in Fat and Other Fatty Organs such as the Brain. Start your detox today.

Specific supplements, ZAAZ, and Sauna—A Simple and Effective Detox Program That Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Unlimited use of Sauna for 30 days for only $45.00 a month.


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Gonino Wellness Radio going live on air October 7, 2016!

Don't forget!!!- Dr Sinatra is scheduled to be Linda and my guest on our radio show on Nov 18. The show's first aire date is Oct 7 , 3pm Central time. It will run on consecutive Fridays for 13 weeks. In addition to Dr Sinatra , we will also have the following guests: Doug Kaufmann host of the television series Know The Cause, Dr Richard Becker , co- host ( wife Cindy) of the television series , " Your Health Matters" , and Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News , which has over 1 million followers to date. As we add more guests we will keep you posted. To join the show live, log in to VoiceAmerica.com . Linda and I and all of our staff appreciate your support so much.


Memorial Service for Anna Maurine Skeeters.

A celebration of life for the friends of Anna Maurine Skeeters will be observed at the Gonino Center for Healing at 6720 Horizon Rd. Heath, TX 75032 on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers, should friends desire, contributions may be made to the Tree of Life Campaign (more about the Tree of Life Campaign within highlighted link) at the Gonino Center in memory of Anna Maurine Skeeters.

She was a fighter for many causes and the cancer provided another platform for Maurine to reveal her fighting spirit. It was here at the Gonino Center for that she found a new voice, a new level of compassion, and a new way of expressing her spirituality. The years spent here receiving treatment and giving...

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I.V. Ozone Therapy is now at The Gonino Center for Healing!

Dr. Gonino and Linda attended the Dr. Frank Shallenberger Ozone Therapy Intensive training in April of 2015. Learning the importance and effectiveness of Ozone Therapy in its' many forms. We now have instituted IV Ozone therapy into our regimen and it is proving successful in many patients especially those with Degenerative Diseases, Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease and liver disease.

Click here to learn more about I.V. Ozone.

truth about cancer, holistic treatment for cancer

The Truth About Cancer Series

28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors And 1 "FDA Dragon Slaying" Attorney Break Their 'Code Of Silence' And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly How To Prevent,Treat And Beat it 100% Naturally



Dr. Gonino ACAM Conference 2014

ACAM Conference 2014

Dr. G and Linda at the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) Conference this weekend. The conference was "cutting edge and difference making!"

If you have not checked out the ACAM website, do so for the latest news in integrative medicine and to also find integrative practitioners in your area. This is a great resource to share with friends on your page who are looking for an alternative doctor that looks for causes of sickness, not just a doctor who gives a band aid.