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Borax What is borax?Borax's healing and preventative propertiesBorax as a remedyWhere to get boraxInternal usesExternal usesVisitors' experienceBorax toxicityReferences What is borax? Borax (sodium tetraborate hexahydrate or sodium borate) is a naturally-occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron,…

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Here's a list of Allie's upcoming shows!!! Hope to see y'all out there: City of Los Angeles, Oct. 31st - Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room, 8PM Nashville, Tennessee, Nov. 7th - The Bluebird Cafe (not sure what time exactly yet, I think 6PM, but get tickets ASAP if you plan to come - it sells out quickly!) Kansas City, Missouri Dec. 3rd - Ubuntu Conscious Music Festival, at the Uptown Theater Rockwall, Texas, Dec. 22nd & 23rd - Culpepper Steak House, (Cover show with Mitchell Morrison), all evening

Here are Allie's (my daughter) upcoming shows. Would love to see you at the Culpepper's show here in Rockwall and share some #Christmas cheer with you!


I see lots of people post about the gut. And they are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT and INCORRECT at the same time when they say that we only use a small percentage of our DNA and our gut does the rest. 1. This is absolutely correct when someone has a healthy gut microbiome. Let's say Jane Doe has their GAD genes compromised where Jane is not breaking down glutamate into GABA. If Jane was born to a healthy mom with a healthy microbiome Jane was born with lots more lactobacillus rhamnosus to help make up for the impaired GAD genes than somebody who had a clean GAD line. 2. This is absolutely incorrect when we have someone with impaired beneficial gut microbial. Let's say that Jane Doe had a few infections and took some antibiotics throughout the years and the antibiotics wiped out her population of lactobacillus rhamnosus in her GI tract. Jane then would turn on GAD and it would be epigenetically expressing. This is using common sense. We have got to remember also that once these genes epigenetically turn on due to the microbial imbalances that ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It is absolutely necessary to get rid of the bad guys and repopulate the good ones. But we see we just cannot go in on many and give probiotics. I have parents contact me quite frequently that are told to give mass amounts of probiotics and the children end up with seizures. They are severely imbalanced and their gut is too leaky to even give a probiotic. And when we go in with supplements because they are now epigentically expressing we better know how they are flowing, what pathways and biological processes are compromised and where we should start. Prior to leaky gut our junctures are tight and our cells are talking to one another so when we eat broccoli for example our bodies' know just what to absorb. The perfect amount. After leaky gut our junctures are loose and our cells do NOT know how to communicate as well and we either absorb too much of something and/or not enough of something when we eat that broccoli. So when you give someone with tight junctures and good cell communication a multivitamin our cells are communicating well and know just what to absorb and what to throw out the back end. When we take that multi and we have leaky gut, our cells have lost some communication and absorb too much and not enough of others. Know that when you end up with leaky gut depending on the severity, you will then end up with oxalate/sulfation issues. This causes mineral disruption. Minerals are needed to assimilate many things like vitamins.

Read and share!! #gutmicrobiome #leakygut #probiotics #epigenetics

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Children's March for Humanity and Health Summit 2017!

Join us in a march to raise awareness about why our children are so sick! Dr. Gonino will be speaking at the rally at Dallas City Hall around 10am and later at the Health Summit at the Hotel Intercontinental approx. 1:30. To learn more visit their websites at www.childrensmarchforhumanity.org and www.learntherisk.org

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Gonino Wellness Radio going live on air October 7, 2016!

Don't forget!!!- Dr Sinatra is scheduled to be Linda and my guest on our radio show on Nov 18. The show's first aire date is Oct 7 , 3pm Central time. It will run on consecutive Fridays for 13 weeks. In addition to Dr Sinatra , we will also have the following guests: Doug Kaufmann host of the television series Know The Cause, Dr Richard Becker , co- host ( wife Cindy) of the television series , " Your Health Matters" , and Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News , which has over 1 million followers to date. As we add more guests we will keep you posted. To join the show live, log in to VoiceAmerica.com . Linda and I and all of our staff appreciate your support so much.

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I.V. Ozone Therapy is now at The Gonino Center for Healing!

Dr. Gonino and Linda attended the Dr. Frank Shallenberger Ozone Therapy Intensive training in April of 2015. Learning the importance and effectiveness of Ozone Therapy in its' many forms. We now have instituted IV Ozone therapy into our regimen and it is proving successful in many patients especially those with Degenerative Diseases, Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease and liver disease.

Click here to learn more about I.V. Ozone.