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We can no longer just focus on the "Dirty Dozen." Over 7800 foods tested by the Candian Food Inspection Agency compiled by Tony Mitra in the book "Poisoned Foods of North America" show us that the highest contamination of glyphosate (Roundup herbicide) is not in GMO corn and soy as we would expect, but in numerous non GMO crops that are commonly found in "healthy" foods such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free foods. These non-organic foods are highly contaminated with this carcinogen, neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, and antibiotic that causes liver disease because glyphosate herbicides are often sprayed as a drying agent on grains, beans and legume crops. Avoid toxins. Protect your family from poisons. Eat organic! http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/some_healthy_foods_are_poisoning_us

Dr. Tania Dempsey

Q: How does nutrition play a role in Lyme? A: Nutrition is key! Eating a low sugar/low carbohydrate diet with plenty of protein and good fats is the best diet overall. Too much sugar in the diet can lower the immune system so it is harder to fight Lyme. Sugar also actually feeds the bacteria that cause lyme disease so by avoiding sugar and carbs, you are essentially starving the bugs. Often, Lyme causes patients to become sensitive to certain foods, such as gluten. A gluten free diet that is also low in carbohydrates is what I recommend to my patients. #lymedisease Photo Credit: Lyme Stats

Vagus Nerve Stimulation: How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve


The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve in the body. Stimulating the vagus nerve can help relieve inflammation, depression, and migraines. Find out how!

Wonderful article and info graphic on the longest nerve in the human body. #coffeeenema #wellness #healthandhealing The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body which originates in the brain as cranial nerve ten, travels down the from go the neck and then passes around the digestive system, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart and lungs. This nerve is a major player in the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the ‘rest and digest’ part (opposite to the sympathetic nervous system which is ‘fight of flight’). http://theheartysoul.com/6-ways-to-instantly-stimulate-your-vagus-nerve-to-relieve-inflammation-depression-migraines-and-more/?utm_source=DRM&utm_content=9208-D8UB


How chronic stress can affect the brain's size, structure, and how it functions:

We encourage all patients to focus on cortisol and stress levels. We offer free yoga and tai chi on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to reduce your stress. We also talk about breathing and what it can do to reduce stress in our Wednesday nutrition and breathing class. Supplements, food, etc is discussed continually to help patients balance their lives and take care of themselves. Why? Because this video says so much about what stress can do.. simply put, it can make you sick. https://www.facebook.com/TEDEducation/videos/1127655593914312/

Heavy metal toxicity is rampant becuase of the world we live in. We must be mindful of products, food, and our environment on top of proper detoxification of these metals. We test for heavy metal toxicity at the practice. If interested, give us a call! 469-402-2800 #wellness #dfw #rockwall


Guess what I'm doing today???🤔 CLEANING COLONS!!! 💩💩💩 If you've never had a colonic, I highly recommend it. Not only is it great for your colon, but for your whole body!! If you're in Dallas, come see me!! If you're in the Rockwall/Royse City area, I'm opening another center in about a month, and if you're outside of those two areas, let me know where you're at, and I'll find you a wonderful therapist in your area!! For more info, check out www.dallascoloncare.com #itdoesabodygood #betteroutthanin

#wellness #colonic I highly recommend it too Deanna Asencio

The Thyroid Gut Connection + 4 Ways to Heal the Gut


The gut is responsible to activating thyroid hormone and keeping the immune system in balance.

I love that there is more and more information out there for patients to start doing research on different symptoms and finding the root cause, and are educated before they ever come in to see me or any other integrative doctor! Good stuff, here!👇🏻https://drbrighten.com/thyroid-gut-connection/

Dr. John Gonino

Have you been hearing about ozone insufflation and its' benefits?? We now have vaginal, rectal, and bladder ozone insufflation therapies. For those suffering with many illnesses from yeast infections to colitis, bladder and colon cancers, call the front desk for more information and to schedule with Dana for these painless and highly effective therapies. 469-402-2800

#ozone #wellness we have ozone insufflation and ozone IV. How has ozone helped you?

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June Special

Buy a 7 IV Package and get unlimited sauna and zaaz for a month for FREE! Enjoy the benefits of lymphatic detox with our detoxification spa!

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Children's March for Humanity and Health Summit 2017!

Join us in a march to raise awareness about why our children are so sick! Dr. Gonino will be speaking at the rally at Dallas City Hall around 10am and later at the Health Summit at the Hotel Intercontinental approx. 1:30. To learn more visit their websites at www.childrensmarchforhumanity.org and www.learntherisk.org

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Gonino Wellness Radio going live on air October 7, 2016!

Don't forget!!!- Dr Sinatra is scheduled to be Linda and my guest on our radio show on Nov 18. The show's first aire date is Oct 7 , 3pm Central time. It will run on consecutive Fridays for 13 weeks. In addition to Dr Sinatra , we will also have the following guests: Doug Kaufmann host of the television series Know The Cause, Dr Richard Becker , co- host ( wife Cindy) of the television series , " Your Health Matters" , and Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News , which has over 1 million followers to date. As we add more guests we will keep you posted. To join the show live, log in to VoiceAmerica.com . Linda and I and all of our staff appreciate your support so much.


Memorial Service for Anna Maurine Skeeters.

A celebration of life for the friends of Anna Maurine Skeeters will be observed at the Gonino Center for Healing at 6720 Horizon Rd. Heath, TX 75032 on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers, should friends desire, contributions may be made to the Tree of Life Campaign (more about the Tree of Life Campaign within highlighted link) at the Gonino Center in memory of Anna Maurine Skeeters.

She was a fighter for many causes and the cancer provided another platform for Maurine to reveal her fighting spirit. It was here at the Gonino Center for that she found a new voice, a new level of compassion, and a new way of expressing her spirituality. The years spent here receiving treatment and giving...

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I.V. Ozone Therapy is now at The Gonino Center for Healing!

Dr. Gonino and Linda attended the Dr. Frank Shallenberger Ozone Therapy Intensive training in April of 2015. Learning the importance and effectiveness of Ozone Therapy in its' many forms. We now have instituted IV Ozone therapy into our regimen and it is proving successful in many patients especially those with Degenerative Diseases, Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease and liver disease.

Click here to learn more about I.V. Ozone.

truth about cancer, holistic treatment for cancer

The Truth About Cancer Series

28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors And 1 "FDA Dragon Slaying" Attorney Break Their 'Code Of Silence' And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly How To Prevent,Treat And Beat it 100% Naturally



Dr. Gonino ACAM Conference 2014

ACAM Conference 2014

Dr. G and Linda at the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) Conference this weekend. The conference was "cutting edge and difference making!"

If you have not checked out the ACAM website, do so for the latest news in integrative medicine and to also find integrative practitioners in your area. This is a great resource to share with friends on your page who are looking for an alternative doctor that looks for causes of sickness, not just a doctor who gives a band aid.