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The Gonino Center for Healing offers an extensive list of available in-house testing which leads to faster results times. If we do not have a specific test, we will order it for you. As the patient, your comfort and convenience is paramount to us.


The microscopy is the first testing you will have at the practice. With a small finger stick we can analyze the whole of your bloodstream with this dark field microscope. Candida levels, toxic exposure, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies along with other blood cell formation analysis can all be seen with this testing. Guess what? You will see it too, right on T.V. as our microscoper Brittany Barnhill introduces you to the biome of your bloodstream! Dr. Gonino will then use this as a tool to customize your personal wellness program.

Physical Exam

Physical exams for both men, women, and children are provided by all practitioners.

Lab Testing

If we do not have a specific test in house we will order it for you

Food Allergy And Environmental Testing

A simple blood draw, results are available within 2-4 weeks. Testing includes 88 total foods and 36 total environmental elements (this is for basic testing) expanded testing is available.

Toxic Element Clearance Profile (also known as Heavy Metal Test)

Testing conducted by 24 hour urine collection and hair analysis. Results are available in 2-4 weeks, testing includes 19 total parasitology, bacterial and yeast pathogens.

CDSA (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis)

3 day stool collection, testing includes parasitology, bacterial and yeast pathogens. Results are available in 2-4 weeks.

Hormone Testing

Testing conducted by, saliva and blood draw, results are available in 2-4 weeks

Pre-gen Plus

Stool collection designed as a non-invasive “pre-colonoscopy” pre-screening for the risk of colon cancer. Results are available in 4-6 weeks.


Vitamin & mineral analysis. All testing conducted by blood draw.

Cardiovascular Profile

Consists of chemistry, nutritional and comprehensive test give us insight into cardiovascular function.

Micro-nutrient Profile Test

Micro-nutrients like anti-oxidants and their functioning capabilities in your body.

Annual Diabetic/Hypertensive Diagnostic Testing

Other Testing

Drug Testing, onsite Rapid HIV Testing, onsite Rapid Influenza Testing.