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What's Up with Your Gut? 3 Tips for Healing Your Gut

Our holistic healing center has been providing our clients with a new perspective to wellness for over 20 years. Our experts agree that healthy digestion and gut health is vital for enjoying great overall health. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the majority of your immune system is found in the lining of your gut, which contains cells that interact with the bacteria that resides inside.

Over time, the gut lining may become damaged because of its exposure to toxins such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemical irritants and medications. The lining may also be damaged by poor food choices or pathogenic strains of bacteria and fungi. Fortunately, it is possible for you to take steps to heal your gut so that you can enjoy health improvements. Here are three tips that the Gonino Center for Healing recommends for improving the health of your gut.

1. Determine what substances are causing problems and remove them.

If you are having gut health problems, one of the first things that you should do is to identify any food or substance that is causing problems and remove it from your diet. This might include forgoing alcohol or your daily cup of coffee. If you are not certain which foods might be triggering your body's reaction, you might try eliminating the top allergy-causing foods from your diet and then reintroduce them gradually after a few weeks. We also provide testing for an array of food and environmental allergens through a lab draw that will give specific results. Some of the foods that you might want to eliminate include the following:

  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Corn

Adding more garlic, olive oil and other foods with antimicrobial properties may also help to reduce the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria.

2. Take supplements.

For your digestion to function properly, your body needs to have sufficient quantities of digestive enzymes. Over time, these enzymes may be depleted from aging, disease, medication or poor dietary choices. To make certain that you have sufficient stores of digestive enzymes, you might want to consider taking supplements of them every day. You can also eat bitter herbs to aid in the release of digestive enzymes about 20 minutes before your meals.

3. Repair and rebalance

Your gut needs a healthy balance of bacteria and fungi to function properly. To get enough healthy bacteria into your gut, you should make certain to supplement with probiotics daily and eat probiotics every day such as kefir, kimchi and miso. (unless you have a histamine issue, more on that topic later.) Adding healthy amino acids and nutrients to your diet can also help to repair your gut lining. These include such things as omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish, curcumin, marshmallow root and bone broth.

Rebalancing your body is also important to improve your gut health. You should make certain to get enough sleep every night and to engage in mindful activities during the day such as tai chi, yoga and meditation. This can help you to manage stress, which aids in the healing process.

Having trouble sleeping is also gut related to which, we can absolutely help with that as well.

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