The Top 3 Reasons to Take a Holistic Approach to Health

Health, and the human body in general, is a complex topic. Often people may treat a specific symptom without considering the underlying cause, with less than optimum results. On the other hand, holistic medicine encourages people to focus on the health of the entire person, including mental and spiritual factors as well as physical. The body is one working system, and this approach can yield great results. There are a few reasons why a holistic approach to health can be the right choice for you.

The Best of Two Worlds

Holistic medicine is not limited to either traditional or alternative medicine but instead encourages you to combine treatments of both to obtain the best results. For example, a recurring problem, such as back pain, can have many contributing factors, from physical issues to tension and stress or bodily imbalances caused by a poor diet. Holistic practitioners will consider all of the involved factors and tailor treatment to suit the patient. This encourages a unique solution for each patient, rather than attempting to generalize treatments, which can have poor results.

It’s a Proactive, Personal Approach

This form of medicine is often considered a lifestyle instead of simply providing reactive treatments when problems occur. Patients are led to be active participants in their care, incorporating diet, exercise, and appropriate spiritual practices to maintain a positive state and increase the body’s ability to ward off illness. By maintaining your whole self as part of your routine, you can prevent many problems from occurring and speed recovery from those that do. Playing an active part in your own health also gives you more control over your body and more confidence in your ability to resolve issues, making healthcare a positive part of life, instead of an obligation.

Reduces Dependence on Potentially Unpleasant Treatments

As mentioned above, those who approach their health in a holistic way can prevent many problems before they occur by maintaining their own bodies. Those who wait until unpleasant symptoms develop, then take actions to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause, are often caught in an unpleasant cycle. A person may have symptoms occur that he wants gone immediately, so prescription, chemical-based treatments are used without any change in lifestyle, which may have unpleasant side-effects, which then also need to be treated. However, utilizing a holistic lifestyle approach when confronting a problem, possibly in tandem with traditional treatments, can reduce the need to rely only on chemical solutions, thus reducing related side effects and expenses.

In conclusion, holistic medicine has a lot to offer. Taking control of your health and not limiting yourself to certain treatments can broaden your options when dealing with illness or injury, and considering the body as a whole can eliminate negative factors, thus promoting overall health. These are just a few of the ways holistic medicine can have a positive impact in your life.