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The Native American struggle is close to my heart.

The Native American culture holds a special place in my heart because my mother, Geneva Butler Henderson, was half Cherokee and her dad, Gee Dick Butler, was full blood.

Gee Dick served in the U.S. Army in World War One, where he was injured and confined to a wheelchair. He died not too many years afterwards from pneumonia. I regret I never got to meet him , that I only knew this beautiful Native face from old photos.

When my mom passed away at age 49 due to heart disease complicated by diabetes, I started asking myself questions about why she and so many of her relatives died so young. And why did so many Cherokees have diabetes ? Why did so many of the patients at the Indian Hospital, where my mom received healthcare, have to have their gallbladders removed?

Then not too much later I was asking myself why I had Cancer in my thirties and my sister die of cancer at forty four..

Thirty some years later , I believe most of my questions , and a whole lot more, have been answered. And those answers have been the driving force of my passion for alternative and holistic medicine.

I believe Native Americans have been seriously taken advantage of , and that some tribes are heartbreakingly being left to die out in poverty and misguided health options.

In the Native American culture the elders are held in high esteem. When we have problems or difficult decisions to make , the elders guide and advise the younger generations. They share the wisdom of their many years of experience and the ways of their people. Our job as their offspring is to bring honor to our parents and elders.

I pledged to do just that for my mother. To honor her and her culture by being a good citizen of the world , to uphold the values of respect, non judgment, and love for my fellow man. And most important to support and honor native people and their peaceful ways and values.

I hope I am making her proud as she watches over me from the spirit world .

Linda Henderson Gonino

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Te Ata