Hello everyone. Happy November, and Happy Thanksgiving !

As a child and probably all the way until my daughter Allie turned 12 when Christmas magic faded , my favorite holiday was always Christmas. I suppose most people feel similar. And I still love it; don't get me wrong.

But for the past 16 years I would have to say that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. And it has nothing to do with the food; although I like that part. It has to do with pausing for 4 days, or at least 1 day, to take a deep breath and give thanks to God , and the various people, friends, family that support us on our day to day journey, and , eventually, that day to day journey that turns into another year past in the record book, that eventually becomes the story of our life when we die.

It was early to mid October when Ronit emailed all of us members of Our Wellbeing Compass with our blog topic for November:

Gratitude. I remember my immediate thought was " perfect". I had no idea what I was going to say, and still don't, but here goes.....

This past year I have noticed more than ever the power in " Thank you." I have noticed in all relationships, including business dealings, that those words have the power to totally change the context / surrounding environment. Thank you can change oppositional or adversarial into cooperation.

Thank you can change ho-hum into joy. It can change hopeless into hopeful.

Never stop saying it. Never stop expressing gratitude because you never know the magnitude of positive affect that it will have on another.

I would like to thank our office staff for the amazing job that they do year in and year out. Thank you Linda Gonino for constructing and organizing such an awesome and comprehensive program that is a primary reason that people heal when they come to us. Thank you Brittany for being such a reliable teacher, stellar microscopist , and for keeping our store in order. Thank you Dana and Whitney and Lesa for picking up the ball when I need to be out of town. Thank you Kristen for organizing that crazy billing department. Thank you Kirby for your patience on the phones. Thank you Jacky for organizing everyone. Thank you Mamie for an increasingly busy job as Social Media manager. There are many others that I didn't mention - I love ️ you all.

It has been a rough year personally for me.

Chronologically, thank you Allie for suggesting I get a dog. Gaia is one of my angels for the year , along with you, my " sister" Lisa in upstate New York, Cole, and Rachel.

As I said on a recent Facebook post, I am so grateful to all of you followers for taking the information that we share in office or by Facebook, and other social sites , and sharing it in turn with those who matter in your life. We are absolutely making a difference. As grandpa Gonino would say, " the miracles are piling up like cord wood " Just this morning I was looking at Neil's chart. He is coming in to see me on Tuesday. His most recent bone scan shows decreased size of the metastatic prostate cancer in his ileum and thoracic spine.

Original diagnosis in 2001, stage 4 since 2009. No chemo. No radiation. Cancer getting smaller not larger. Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Best wishes to all of you this Thanksgiving season. Love ️ from me to you all. And if I get a vote, make it a 4 day weekend.


Dr. John Gonino