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Shana's Story

*Names in the story were changed to protect privacy. Writing from Septemeber Gonino Center for Healing Newsletter By Dr. John Gonino

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share the most fascinating case that I have been associated with in my 27 years of medicine.

There are two pieces of background information that I would like to share before I tell Shana’s story. First, years ago my wife Linda coined the term “Love Heals” which has become our company slogan ever since. Only later after reading an amazing book by David Hawkins M.D., Ph. D. called Power vs. Force would I come to realize how intuitive Linda’s words were. According to the book, love is an energy by which we have the ability to heal others with our presence. I know this is true because I’ve witnessed it first hand; a patient of ours named Martha with Rosacea whose face looked burned at the start of her appointment at 12 noon, and whose skin was clear at 12:20 pm. A long time patient named Kerry who I hugged in passing in the hallway, who the next time I saw her said, “You know Dr.G. when you hugged me in the hallway? “ I said, “Yes, Kerry, I remember.” She said “I was having pain in my right hip for a couple of weeks and after you hugged me, my pain went away.” A 490lb patient named Paul who was in the checkout line that I came by and hugged. The next time I saw him for an office visit he said “Dr. G. I have to tell you this-my legs had been weeping an amber-clear fluid for about a week, the night you gave me a hug, they stopped weeping.”

These things I’ve written about are biblical, John 14:12 says “He who believes in Me and the works that I do, he too will do these works. And greater works than these will he do because I am going to be with the Father.” Dr. Hawkins is quick to point out, the miracles witnessed represent the power of the energy field, not of the individual. This too is also biblical “less we boast.” You and I are the channel for the Love Joy, and Compassion. The healing energy itself is Christ’s greatest gift to us, The Holy Spirit.

The second piece of background comes from a book called Body Mind, written by Ken Dychtwaldt, Ph.D. In this book Dr. Dychtwaldt teaches us that the right side of our body is our masculine side and associated with the characteristics confidence, courage, decisiveness, strength, assertiveness, etc. The left side of our body represents our feminine aspects; forgiveness, compassion, love, caring, gentleness, nurturing, etc. The goal is for each of us to be equally balanced with the respect to our “male and female selves.”

So now to Shana’s story……………

Shana was a 57 yr. old patient who came to our office with a diagnosis of metastatic ovarian cancer. This means that the cancer started in her ovaries and had spread to her liver and lungs. During my initial visit my impressions were that her masculine side was her strong suit, i.e. strong, assertive etc. I also sensed that she had some anger. At the end of the appointment I brought this to her attention, that I experienced her being angry. She stated “well, yeah, at my sister and her daughter.” As if she were preparing to tell me a story to defend her position. I said “Shana, it doesn’t matter about what or with whom you are angry, you have Ovarian Cancer. Fear, anger, sadness, guilt, are acid- forming emotions. If you want to heal, you need to forgive your sister and your niece right now. You can’t wait a week or a month; it needs to be now.” This also is biblical, “Forgive your brother not seven times, but seventy times seven times.” – Matthew 18:22. Or, in the immortal words of the greatest person who has lived in my lifetime (in my opinion), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Forgiveness is not an occasional act. Forgiveness is a permanent attitude.” I recommend that she see a counselor to process her anger, and provided her with a male and female choice, both of whom I had sought counsel from for myself. She needed to forgive. She needed to strengthen her feminine, left side, in order to abide by the wishes of The Holy Spirit.

During her 5 weeks stay with us she did a number of things that I had recommended her to do; she went to Wellness and breathing class, she did a number of IV therapies to strengthen her cells, eliminate fungus from her blood and detoxify heavy metals. She came to Yoga and Tai Chi class in our office once, maybe twice, though she needed more, and she had colonics at Rockwall Colonic Center as I had requested. But, she never went to the counselor. I assume that she didn’t go for the same reasons most people don’t go…PRIDE. And EGO. The ego wants to defend itself at all costs- look good, be right, be in control. I don’t think she went to therapy for the fear that the therapist suggest she forgive her sister and niece, thus making her “wrong.” Most people that take this stand usually are rewarded with “being right.” What they don’t get, however, is to be happy, or love, or live an authentic life.

The most incredible part of Shana’s story came near the end of her stay with us. At that time, (before I read the June 25, 2012 edition of TIME magazine where I learned that the damage to your body from one CT scan is the same amount of damage as smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for 19 years.) I ordered a CT scan of her chest to see how her disease was progressing, was it better, worse or the same? The results of the scan shocked me and I have never seen anything like it before or since…..

The lesions on her right side of her chest (again her strong/masculine side, which is where her personal strong suit was) were getting smaller. The Holy Spirit I felt was saying to her “Shana, you are my daughter. I love you so much. I want you to see that the things you are partaking in, diet, IV therapy, colonics, enzymes, Alka Salts etc. are benefitting you!”

However, the lesions on her left side of her chest (the feminine side where she was weak) WERE GETTING LARGER, or worsening metastatic disease. With this I feel she was being told “Shana, I love you more than you will ever know, you must overcome your pride and step into all you can be, which is that person who continues to always forgive and who has no interest in keeping score.” The scan was a very clear point on what was working and what needed MORE WORK.

You see, in the spirit realm cancer is neither good nor bad- it is just feedback. “Your flora is out of balance. Your hormones are out of balance, your PH is out of balance” etc. etc. It is us humans that label cancer as bad so we can “Attack” it. How about being introspective and asking, “Why?” At that point we become students who learn to co-exist with cancer, who get to grow and heal and learn and shift in accordance to what God is asking of us, so that we can in return, give HIM glory. Biblically there are many reasons why sickness is allowed, and however it may have come, there is still only one answer on how to undertake it….Prayer and conversation with God coupled with action.

Shana returned to Ohio after her stay with us and we heard that she passed 7 weeks later.

In closing, the take home messages in Shana’s case were two:

  1. If you expect a miracle you can’t just count on the physical. Things like diet, exercise, vitamins and the like. You also have to have a regular spiritual practice. This obviously includes intimate relationship with God, and your savior. As Shana taught us, you can’t ignore the mental aspects of disease, the fear, anger, sadness, and the guilt that I mentioned above. My present therapist name is Rick. He told me of a time that he was in training with one of his colleagues. He asked this person if he thought everyone could benefit from counseling. His friends response was “Only if the person has/had parents.”
  2. Shana’s case showed me, like the phenomenal findings on the second CT scan, that there is no limit to how “on your team” The Holy Spirit can be.

Thank you all for being a part of our Social Media pages and Newsletter and for making a difference in the world where and when you can.

God bless you,

Dr. John Gonino

Love Heals