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R.I.P Dr. Wayne Dyer

A few years ago we checked off a longtime goal from our bucket list that met all our expectations, and that goal was to see and hear Dr Wayne Dyer speak in person.

For Linda and me, Dr. Dyer was parts unconditionally loving dad, big brother, guru, minister, sage and wise professor.

Love for his fellow man leaped off the pages of the many books he wrote from, Pulling Your Strings in 1970 to his most recent books like, I Can See Clearly Now ,The Importance of Being Extraordinary and The Power of Intention. His words of wisdom and truth imbedded into our consciousness and has served as a guiding light in our work.

Thank you Dr Wayne Dyer for honoring your God given gifts by sharing them with us all. We pledge to honor these gifts by paying it forward to all God's children.