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Rebekah's story

Rebekah, (name changed for confidential purposes) age 8, presented to the office in Jan. 2010.

Rebekah is a sweet little girl that was very, very sick. She came into my office with her mother and father who, after receiving the news at an Emergency Room that their daughter had type 1 diabetes and would be on long and short acting insulin for the rest of her life, went home dismayed. When not receiving peace about the diagnosis they decided to pray. They prayed for an answer, they prayed for healing, they prayed to be lead in the right direction in getting a second opinion. Which, thankfully, lead them on a 3 hour journey from Wichita Falls, TX to my office. She still had an elevated sugar of 243 after being on insulin. Normal blood sugar levels are between 65-100.Her parents asked me, “Doc, what do you think?” I, knowing there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, simply stated what I saw, and they received the same answer. “Your daughter has type 1 diabetes and will be on insulin for the rest of her life.” But then Rebekah's parents said to me, “Dr. Gonino, we have the faith of a mustard seed, and we believe you should too, lets’ fix this.” It broke me out of my in the box thinking, where my medical brain was at the moment and kicked in my spiritual thinking and brought me to Matthew 19:26, "With God all things are possible. " I then remembered that in November 2010 I attended a seminar where they were connecting the code that carries the Gluten Antibodies Gene to Auto Immune Disease. Anyone can carry this gene and is inherited from either mother or father. The most likely carrier is persons of reddish blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes and freckles, or, Rebekah to a T. After Rebekah's HLA DQ 2 and DQ8 Gluten Gene testing came back positive, we immediately took her off any foods containing gluten. Six weeks later a smiling Rebekah and proud Mom came back into the office for their second visit. There were pages and pages of blood sugar recordings ranging from 74-117 on absolutely ZERO units of insulin. Supposedly Type 1 Diabetes cannot be cured, but if you catch the cause soon enough and remove the problem the results can be you no longer have a diagnosis at age 8 on record of an auto immune disease, and taking insulin injections multiple times a day for the rest of your life isn’t your reality because you Do Not have Type 1 Diabetes. Now, that’s the outcome of the story; the moral of the story or most significant point is THEY PRAYED, which unfolded the rest of the journey. And that’s what prayer can do.