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Our Fish Tank

Yesterday, I received an email from my daughter, Allie. She wanted to know if I could help a friend of a friend who had recently been given a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. And I knew instantly what the subject should be.

I want to share with you what I, and many Integrative Medicine doctors, believe is the reason cancer develops. I believe cancer and most diseases and disorders, are caused by a cluster of chronic imbalances in the body. Imbalances of :


Body PH,


Energy systems

An easy way to understand the PH and Flora imbalances, is the "Fish Tank" analogy.

When the PH of a fish tank becomes unbalanced , the water begins to turn dark green. If treatment isn't soon provided to rebalance the PH, the water becomes darker and darker, the fish start to die,the water evaporates, and algae begins to overtake the tank.So, our bodies are like a fish tank when our PH becomes unbalanced. The water is the liquid that the "fish," (our organs, glands, bones, muscles,etc,) "swims" in.When body PH becomes chronically over acid, the cells of the tissues, become weakened. They become sticky, porous, inflexible, and stagnant. Unable to receive and transfer nutrients and oxygen.Basically, our "fish" are being starved of oxygen and dying from malnutrition.The fish tank algae, is the Flora Imbalance and represents fungus in the body.Fungus, also known as yeast, is an anaerobic ( oxygen free) opportunistic organism that proliferates on simple carbohydrates and sugars.

The more acid the body, the faster fungus grows.

The state of CHRONIC DEHYDRATION (from over acidity) and fungal overgrowth leads to chronic malnutrition of the cells that leads to systems being unable to repair and heal the damage from the acid forming food, air, water and chemical laden products we are exposed to daily.These chronic imbalances sets the environment for cancer cells (all bodies have them) to grow and proliferate.I hope this sheds some light on this mysterious disease and gives you some food for thought. I'll be writing more posts on preventing and correcting these imbalances, as well as many more subjects.

Dr.Gonino & Linda Gonino