Alzheimer's Brain

Notes on Alzheimer's Dementia from ACAM 2016

Dr Kabran Chapek from Daniel Amen, MD's office presented New Approaches to Preventing Alzheimer's and Reversing Cognitive Decline. His first point is that the following therapies are not going to reverse end stage Alzheimer's. He compares that to what trees look like after a forest fire. Not much chance . But. AT ANY STAGE short of that, the following treatments have been shown to improve brain function. First, what does Dr Chapek say about what CAUSES Alzheimer's ?

1) Toxins - both heavy metals like lead, aluminum , arsenic, etc. , but also mycotoxins from fungus. As you are probably aware, we can help you with both of those issues with IV chelation and Far Infrared Sauna for toxins , and oral antifungals , IV hydrogen peroxide, diflucan , and ozone vs fungus.

2) Low oxygenation during sleep. We test nearly all of our patient for this issue , and certainly 100% of our patients with any degree of dementia.

3) Lack of brain nutrients.

4) Type 3 diabetes. This may be a new term to you as it has just been coined in the last year or so. It refers to high amounts of circulating blood sugar damaging the brain. The best way to avoid this is the modified ketogenic diet that we teach in our office on Wednesdays.

Now, so what do the experts recommend to treat all stages of dementia?

1) Correct low vitamin D levels. We can help determine your

Vitamin D status and correct it if need be.

2) Correct any deficient hormones such as low pregnenolone , testosterone , thyroid, etc.

3) Take 100- 1000mg of Niacin WHILE exercising . Be careful with the dose.

More than 100 mg makes me feel like there is a tiny man on my scalp setting it on fire :)

4) Far Infrared Sauna. He likes 20 minutes. I like a duration that allows the patient to sweat for 5-10 min.

5) Gluten free diet. Diet as otherwise discussed in our Nutrition Class on Wednesdays.

6) Exercise Ideally 30-60 min 4 or 5 days per week.

This obviously would be more for prevention and earlier stages than for later stages.

7) Brain specific nutrients , all of which we can help you with : curcumin , ginkgo , phosphatidylserine , acetyl-L -carnitine , krill oil or coconut oil , selenium, alpha lipoic acid, NAC, blueberries, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2