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The thyroid is often called the Mother Thyroid. And, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, certainly applies here.

Like the toys on a baby's crib mobile, if one of the toys breaks off, the entire mobile is unable to function properly. It's the same with our body.

The thyroid reigns over all the other hormones in her queendom, insulin, adrenaline, sex hormones, growth hormones, etc.

So if she has been weakened or damaged by toxins such as gluten or fluoride, for example, a young woman may have painful or irregular periods.

A teenage boy may have severe acne, or a mid-life woman suffer through extreme peri-menopause.

A sluggish thyroid usually means a sluggish digestive system or, slow metabolism. A symptom of a sluggish digestive system is chronic constipation. Where food stays in the stomach , small intestine and colon longer than is optimal, allowing chemicals (acidity) from food, water and air to sit in the tender lining of the gut causing damage that may not be experienced for many years.

I have also seen cases where a chronically sluggish thyroid can also present with symptoms of chronic diarrhea . When the lining of the gut has become coated with toxins, yeasts and undigested food, creating a "slick " , so to speak, it is unable to absorb and assimilate nutrients. This situation can be dangerous because with every diarrhea episode, the patient is losing electrolytes ( critical minerals for maintaining body PH balance) and health giving gut flora ( probiotics.)

Bottom line, optimal thyroid function is necessary for optimal digestive health.

Chronic sub optimal thyroid function, can also create disruptions of sex hormones. Usually due to estrogen dominance. As most of us know by now, the mass produced meat and dairy we have been eating for the past few generations has been injected with hormones to make the animal grow faster. And, as a result , we humans have grown faster . Too fast to allow us to evolve to be able to process the hormonal onslaught.

Girls are starting periods as young as nine years old now. And many more experiencing painful and irregular periods.

Fertility problems are epidemic which has created a huge growth in the infertility healthcare industry.

In young men, hormonal imbalance can cause extreme aggression. Estrogen is the aggressive aspect of hormone balance. Over abundance of estrogen combined with the naturally aggressive testosterone hormone, can manifest in symptoms as mild as acne to devastating aggressive behaviors.

Unfortunately, too many young people are prescribed anti anxiety or ADD drugs to deal with these symptoms, when what they really need is proper thyroid support.

Obesity and diabetes (insulin resistance) are at an all time high, creating a huge market for the diet and weight loss industry, as well as opening the relatively new industry of weight loss surgery.

My wife Linda's mother, who passed away before I had a chance to know her, was a victim of her Native American genetics, government interference in the culture, and social brainwashing. And like many people of Native American heritage, struggled with diabetes and weight issues her whole life, ultimately, succumbing to a massive heart attack at age 49. Her poor heart could no longer withstand the constant stress caused by the volatile and delicate hormonal imbalances caused by diabetes.

Be watching for future posts about the causes of modern day thyroid destruction and disease. I and many alternative medicine physicians believe it's not due to accidents of nature.

Dr. John & Linda Gonino

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