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It's A Girl Thing..How to restore and balance vaginal flora.

Is that a Summers Eve Advertisement above us? Who remembers those and how they enticed all of us to believe we would smell spring-y fresh like we were running through a meadow if we were to buy and use a douche?! Here is Mrs. Gonino applying the science behind why douching should be a no-no and how spring-y fresh can be achieved naturally.

Another post inspired by my daughter..

"Mom, I think maybe I need to do a douche."

After I made her repeat her statement , because I wasn't quite sure I had heard correctly, my knee jerk response was to say , rather tersely, we don't douche, we don't ever douche!

The blank look on her face told me I was going to need to offer more information than that before she was going to buy into my advice.

In retrospect, my knee jerk reaction was triggered by the shocking revelation that douching is still a thing ( an absurd thing! )especially for healthy young women. Surely douching went out with my mother's generation , right?! Evidently not..So, my intent with this post is to enlighten moms , grandmoms , girls, and women of all ages to spread the message about safe and natural balancing of vaginal flora.

Flora, such a sweet and spring-y sounding word🌻 🌾🌿

Flora in the human body is the good bacteria that naturally exists when optimally balanced.Healthy balanced flora in the digestive tract is the foundation for a strong immune system , even creating nutrients, like the B Vitamins.When this inner body ecosystem becomes unbalanced by a variety of reasons I'll talk about later, the flora can be overtaken by fungal, or yeast, overgrowth.

Dr Majid Ali, describes fungus as Pre Life Organisms (PLO's.)Fungus can never be obliterated in the human body ( no use in even trying to do so,) it is what we are actually created from in the beginning of life , as well as designed for the purpose of ending the life cycle. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust," if you will.Healthy vaginal flora basically has no symptoms or signs.No odor, itching or discharge. If anything, there will be a slightly pleasant odor.

Now we know what to aim for , right ?

But what about the things that cause flora imbalances? What are they , and what can we do to restore healthy balance, without needless toxic exposure to these ever so delicate tissues?

The following are the typical, with a few of the not so well known, culprits.

. Oral antibiotics ( creating leaky gut, allowing fungal overgrowth into the bloodstream)

. Birth control pills (creates hormonal imbalances)

. Pregnancy (remember PLO's necessary for creating human life)

. Multiple sex partners ( introducing different types of fungus into the mix )

. Poor nutrition (high in simple carbs, alcohol, sugars,etc.)

. Chronic body acid PH

Now for the not so well known culprits:

. Unhealthy sex partners, with unhealthy habits ( oral fungal overgrowth, for example.)

. Over cleansing the digestive tract (colonics, enemas, herbal cleanses, laxatives) without consistently replacing the good bacteria and allowing time for them to seed and recolonize, thereby healing leaky porous gut.

. DOUCHING ! Ughh .. especially with those commercially sold products that contain chemicals.

1) They do not work, even washing out what little good flora that may exist, requiring..

2) More douching with more chemical exposure to tender vaginal tissues!

. Eating sugary yogurts for gaining good bacteria

Ladies, we believe God created the body to be self healing, correcting and balancing. Usually all that is required of us is to change , correct and control the exposures and assaults that create and perpetuate the imbalances in the first place, thus allowing the body to do its thing.Of course long standing or multiple health issues may require more aggressive treatment such as antifungal medications or intravenous, immune system building efforts .Most simple yeast infections can be quickly and simply remedied with the following natural treatment, that usually provides significant relief in 24 hours. If needed, this regimen can be repeated a couple of times in a twenty four hour period.

. Dip an all natural tampon ( the only kind you should be using regularly) into plain yogurt or kefir. Insert into vagina and remove in an hour. DO NOT sleep in it! It only takes a small amount, in a small amount of time to begin the colonization process. Allow the body the time it needs to do its healing and rebalancing naturally, at its own speed and it will reward you in return.

The importance of oral probiotics cannot be overstated. We recommend a couple of different types of strains daily, such as Bifido and Ruggeri , one of those should be enteric coated , meaning it does not open until it reaches the small intestines. When those bottles are emptied, buy two more different strains, always with one being enteric coated, and so on.Just as important is keeping the cells hydrated with PH balancing minerals and salts , along with lots of clean water.

So there it is, ladies, sans the emotional knee jerking and as Allie would attest to, a tendency towards the dramatic;))

Happy and healthy girling, ya'll !!


Linda Gonino