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How I.V. Therapy Can Improve Your Whole Body Health

While the benefits of intravenous therapy are obvious if you've ever visited a hospital (especially if you're the one with an I.V. drip in your arm!), their use in preventative and holistic medicine is a little less well-known. They are increasingly being used as a way of fortifying the body with vitamins and minerals quickly and efficiently, as well as providing hydration in one of the quickest ways possible. From fending off a cold to giving your body an added boost of nutrition, read on to learn more about how I.V. Therapy can be used to improve your health

What Is I.V Therapy?

I.V. therapy works much like the way regular intravenous medicines are delivered to sick patients. A specially prepared solution of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are combined in a mostly saline solution that also has a hydrating effect. There are different vitamin and mineral combinations available, each prepared for specific health benefits for the unique patient. These are injected into your bloodstream by a licensed professional.

I.V. Therapy Can Give Your Body the Nutrition it Needs

Many people eat poor diets consisting of packaged and processed foods that lack nutritional value. Over time, the body begins to show symptoms of malnutrition through certain physical and emotional symptoms. These can include feelings of fatigue, lack of enthusiasm and even depression in severe cases. While incorporating whole foods is one of the best things you can do to nourish the body, adding extra nourishment through I.V's can help patients with a compromised immune system, or extreme malnutrition back to health.

Prepare for Flu Season

It's well-proven that nutrients like Vitamin C can help protect your body during the colder months of the year when the flu season kicks in. If your body isn't protected by immune system enhancing vitamins, it's easy to catch a cold, the flu or other kinds of the virus with flu-like symptoms. Vitamin C I.V. therapy can deliver enormous amounts of this nutrient to your body, giving your body the antioxidant power it needs to fight infection.

Vitamin D is another important nutrient that can be difficult to get during the fall and winter months. Many people associate the lack of vitamin D with bone diseases like rickets, but there is more than that at risk. Lack of Vitamin D can actually weaken the immune system, so it's important to maintain optimal levels especially during the cold and flu season.

Help Your Detox Efforts

I.V. Glutathione therapy can be used alongside other detoxification methods to bring your liver back to balance. At Gonino, we've used this I.V. Therapy to help those suffering from liver stress/damage, and have achieved great results without having to use prescription drugs.

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