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Galectin-3 It's just nasty.

Galectin 3 : Master Modulator of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease , Cancer, Inflammation , and Fibrosis ...

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This morning I learned about a very nasty player in the body called Galectin 3. This is another marker for inflammation and can be directly correlated to bad clinical outcomes.

For example, if you or someone you know has congestive heart failure and your Galectin -3 level is less than 17.8 , the chance of you dying within the next 12 months is 13%. If your Galectin -3 level is greater than 25.9 your chance of dying in the next year rises to 37%Galectin -3 causes fibrosis of tissues including the kidneys. 50 million people in our country have chronic kidney disease, defined as a serum creatinine of 1.6 or higher.

We spend more money on this disease than any other single disease ( if you add up the costs of medicines, dialysis, kidney transplants, etc)

Aldosterone causes Galectin -3 expression and release. So if we can avoid situations which cause high aldosterone ( decreased blood flow to the kidneys caused by congestive heart failure , drop in blood pressure from subclinical dehydration , decreased serum sodium , increased serum potassium that could be seen in kidney failure , and elevated ACTH that might be seen in Cushing's syndrome. )

So , stay hydrated, and if you don't own a handout for Linda's alkalyzing cocktail, pick one up the next time you come into the office. In summary, not only is drinking water important, but also taking in minerals in Alkasalts and Celtic salt is important to avoid low sodium to avoid aldosterone secretion , to avoid Galectin -3 secretion.

Galectin-3 suppresses your immune system. It causes inflammation and promotes cancer by increasing angiogenesis ( growth of blood vessels to carry cancer cells to other places in your body) inhibits apoptosis ( programmed cancer cell death) enhances metastasis by suppressing the immune system.

Is there an answer ? Yes, thank you Lord. Galectin -3 can be inhibited by modified citrus pectin.

This substance is derived from the pith of citrus fruit peels. It is easily absorbed from the GI tract.

It inhibits cancer growth and metastasis. It inhibits heart and kidney disease.

It selectively chelates heavy metals in the GI tract. And it up-regulates the immune system. It also can help stop the progression of liver, kidney, and lung fibrosis.

In the management of cancer it induces natural killer cell activity.

Modified citrus pectin surrounds T cells and inhibits the release of cytokines which are inflammatory substances that signal tumor cells to secrete Galectin -3.

In summary, regarding cancer, modified citrus pectin decreases fibrosis , inflammation , and metastasis. It increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation in those who choose it, and it decreases the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

The dose found to be most effective is 15 grams /day.

It can be taken with or without food. Dr Eliaz recommends 15 min before or after eating. It can be taken with other supplements or medication. It can be put in water or smoothies. It can be sweetened with stevia if need be.

If you want to begin with 5 grams once daily for 1 week, then 5 grams twice weekly for one week, then increase to full dose, that's fine too,

Yes, it will be hitting our shelves at the practice ASAP! Stay tuned.