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Don't Fall For The Quick Fix.

This is the time of year where we all decide to re-group. We plan to lose the 7 lbs of fat we gained between Thanksgiving and Jan 1, we plan to take our health seriously because our hair is falling out and we are overly stressed, food is making us feel badly and we want to change that! Whatever the resolution, here we are, let's do this!

I want to talk a little bit about the quick fix fascination and why not to get stuck into this mindset, it causes more problems than productive long lasting outcomes, especially when it comes to the testosterone craze.

This is also the time of year that we see ads for the latest and greatest weight loss pill, the newest free testosterone booster, etc. America is a quick fix, I want it now society. Therefore, fatigue must be a low testosterone problem correct? Get these pellets placed into your body , all good, right? I'm sure it has nothing to do with sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coaster causing poor sleep. Nothing to do with other hormone imbalances , nutritional deficiencies, toxic metals, Epstein Barr virus flares, Lyme disease, toxic blood, liver, bowel , lymphatics , candida overgrowth, sub clinical hypothyroidism. Nah. That's too much stuff to worry about.

Give me the quick fix, doc . That's our typical go to. Because we are so busy, and sadly, a bit of the American way.

In 2018 I learned that the more testosterone pellets that the doctor puts into the patient , the more the doctor is reimbursed by the insurance company. We don't do pellets here for that reason. I don't think it's ethical. Doesn't mean we are right; it's just a stand we are taking. We will write topical testosterone cream, testosterone injection, prescriptions for Clomid to help true low testosterone , but we make $0 from doing that.

So what I see 95 percent of the time, male or female , who have testosterone pellets , is significant overdosing. For example , normal testosterone level for female is 12-60; ideally 25-60. I routinely see women who have been pelleted elsewhere with levels, 125, 215,315,335. They can't sleep, they have acne at 50 yrs old, they are short tempered with their kids and their hair is falling out. In March of 2014 The New England Journal of Medicine reported that men over 65 that begin testosterone therapy increase their risk of heart attack 36 percent within the next 3 months.

At the present time we have 4 women in the practice and 27 men with low testosterone that we have normalized their testosterone either by taking them off Gluten , finding out that they have a mutation to a gene which codes for an enzyme abbreviated MTHFR and subsequently supporting that enzyme, or detoxing their heavy metals , or any combination of those 3.For example , last January , a healthy looking 27 year old named Patrick presented with a testosterone level of 169. Male range 348-1100.Immediately we took him off Gluten. Then we found out he had the MTHFR mutation and supported that. Then we found that he had gadolinium toxicity from an MRI scan and subsequently removed that with iv EDTA chelation. In May, 5 months later, his level was 615 , and in Sept it was 900. Zero testosterone supplementation. Zero cream. Zero shots. Zero pellets.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo !!

But, doctor G., that's hard. I want the easy fix. Ok. But as we all say goodbye to the great Penny Marshall, I am reminded of my favorite quote from any movie; a movie that she directed. " It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.The " Hard" is what makes it great."DO HARD THINGS!! Challenge yourself to take things slowly, plan your weeks, set some 30 day challenges in front of you, take on your health, an exercise routine, food habits, throw out the cigarettes, detoxify your home, read more books, play outside with your kids, dote on your spouse more, whatever it is, if its out of your comfort zone it will be hard, do it anyway. Nothing has to be fully accomplished by Jan.31, this is a new thing that will last a lifetime, take your time, do it right.

"When you are vulnerable and alone, you're afraid. When you're vulnerable + together, you're brave" -Rebekah Lyons

I encourage all of you to find a like minded tribe or team, we can be that team and you will meet people on your journey that will be your team. Find one good person that wants the same thing and take steps together. BE BRAVE!

Best wishes to you all. I will be back soon with some exciting new things that we have on tap for 2019.

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