Carotid Endarterectomy

Daniel's Story

Daniel (name changed for confidential purpose) came to me after making a high risk decision to walk away from surgery and seek integrative medicine instead. He went to his doctor in San Antonio who did a CT scan on his neck and found that both of his carotid arteries had 80% blockage. There’s concern to be had once a 70% blockage is reached. His doctor advised him that he should have a Carotid Endarterectomy, which is like a bypass on your neck to clean out carotid arteries. With this surgery, like any surgery, it comes with anesthesia, which also comes with a massive amounts of toxins and a risk of internal bleeding and infection. Surgery is not a simple thing, and Daniel said “No Thanks, I heard about this Integrative Medical Doctor in North Texas that has these Intravenous Therapies that have been proven to cleanout people’s arteries and I’m going that route.” He of course was laughed out of the building. After Daniel’s assessment I wrote him a treatment plan of 20 IVs alternating between Hydrogen Peroxide and Chelation IVs. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and fungus from your blood stream, EDTA chelation IV therapy removes heavy metal toxins embedded in your body and has been proven to reduces plaque in carotid arteries by binding to calcium that builds up as plaques on the walls of arteries thus removing and reducing plaque, thus it improves circulation.

After his rotation was finished we rescanned his carotid arteries that came back at a 40% blockage from the initial 80%. The notes at the bottom of the radiology report form the Radiologist stated “This kind of decrease in blockage is very peculiar in someone who has had no history of surgery” Way to listen to the Holy Spirit, Daniel.