Alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Chronic Dehydration is a silent killer!

Chronic Dehydration is a silent killer!

Due to the high temperatures and the tendency of most Americans to be chronically dehydrated, now is the time to be eating and drinking things that are high in minerals and liquid content, as well as easy to digest.

This would include:

Green veggies and green vegetable juices

Raw and lightly cooked vegetables

Low sugar berries (no fruit juices though)

Lemons and limes, but watch out for sugar, it is dehydrating.

Proper amounts (too much protein is not good) of high quality and light proteins, preferably not fried.

No heavy starches, heavy meats, and minimal to none of sugar intake.

Refresh with Lemon and Lime juices sweetened with Stevia (herbal). (sugar substitutes are dehydrating)

Reduce coffee and chocolate intake.

I'm sure there's more, but the main message is to eat lighter, easier to digest, more hydrating type food.

These dehydrate you , meaning robbing your body of essential minerals:

High temperatures


Medications (chemicals)

Flying on airplanes

Caffeine (coffee , chocolate, soft drinks )

Sugar and processed foods

Chemical exposures (breathing them, ingesting them, applying to skin, etc.)

Excessive sweating

Stress (mental and physical)

Over exercising , like long distance running.


*Magnesium, Calcium, potassium , sodium (cheap salt is even worse)

And trace minerals , too.

If you have pain , add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda to your salt cocktail (above.)

Also!! Drinking lots of water when minerals are depleted will make you more dehydrated! This is a big and possibly a deadly mistake people make.

Replace your minerals!