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Chronic Dehydration

Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration Are:

. Dry skin and hair

. Sugar and salt cravings

. Fungal infections, skin, nails, etc.

. Dry mouth and dry eyes

. Eczema

. Constipation, bloating

. Exhausted adrenal glands

Causes of Chronic Dehydration are:

. Mineral deficiencies

. Low functioning and untreated thyroid

. Acid forming diet (sugar, caffeine, alcohol )

. Mineral loss due to sweating

. Chemicals in medications , OTC and prescription (makes us even more acid)

. Drinking lots of water without replacing minerals

. Chronic diarrhea or loose stools

Simple Things You Can Do:

. Half teaspoon Celtic sea salt in lemon water , twice a day ( for chronic pain, can add baking soda )

. Have iodine levels tested, then take only a drop or two a day or as doctor recommends

. Detox the body with a good herbal and fiber like Multicleanse by Nature's Secret

. Take and use these magnesiums : Citrate, Threonate and Mag Oil. (check out for inexpensive ways to make your own mag oil .)

. Reduce acid forming food and drink that dehydrates the body

. Juice cucumber, celery, curly parsley, lemon and ginger once a day

. Take a good multivitamin that doesn't contain folate or fillers

. DRINK WATER! half your weight in ounces and MOVE Your Body every day to move acids out of the body and move the minerals into tissues.