Heart disease holistic treatment

Bless your heart!

The recent heart attack of the 52 year old President of The American Heart Association has me musing today. Kind of ironic, would you agree?

We have 10,000 patients in our practice and I honestly remember 2 heart attacks since we moved to Heath on September 5,2008. One was a 57 y/0 male ( still alive) who was given testosterone pellets by another doctor. Point? 2 actually. First, there is a difference between physiologic testosterone replacement , i.e. Raising a 250 testosterone level (348 low normal) to 424 , which our office does with topical testosterone or oral Clomid, and dosing someone through the ceiling (1100 or greater) with testosterone pellets. Second, March 2014 New England Journal of Medicine reported a 36 percent increase in heart attack in men over age 65 who were started on testosterone.

Obviously, our patient broke the age rule at 57. His heart attack occurred 1 month after the pellets were placed.

Our other case was an otherwise very healthy man of 50. Not overweight. Excellent cholesterol values,normal blood pressure, not a diabetic, but had a homocysteine value of 20.2. He is alive also.

That's it. Two cases in 10,000 patients in 9 years. Pretty good, I would say.

So what happened to our 52 y/0 AHA President ?

My guess is that he bought into the high cholesterol theory of heart disease , was on a cholesterol lowering medication , which caused inflammation in his body , and contributed to his heart attack.

I have a good friend, Board Certified Cardiologist from Yale , who appeared on Dr Oz on April 17,2013 with his book "The Great Cholesterol Myth"

He believes, as do I, that they invented a disease called high cholesterol. If you can invent a disease, you can invent a multi billion dollar drug ( Lipitor, Zocor, etc.) to treat it. Keep people focused , distracted, and scared in the " High Cholesterol Camp" , and keep them distracted from the real cause of heart attack and stroke, which is inflammation;

In " Gonino Speak" , rotting and rusting. IV hydrogen peroxide ( research data available on request) and IV chelation ( TACT trial summary available on request) can keep your arteries clean, without someone sawing your sternum vertically in half, doing bypass surgery , and sewing your sternum back together with chicken wire. ( That's true. They literally use sterile chicken wire, twist the ends like a twist tie). And , of course , charge you $256,000.

So what is our formula that is so successful in preventing heart attack?

1) have your doctor check an overnight oximetry test on you.

In our office this is a simple $25 test to check the oxygen level in your blood when you sleep at your house.

If it turns out great, great.

If not , low oxygen starves your heart of oxygen and it gets weak. If you have this, it is treatable by a number of means and often is curable.

Second, do a test in our office called a Live Blood Analysis Microscopy. This is a test ($35-$50) that can quantify the amount of fungus in your blood. Fungus rots you like green mold on bread. This is easily treatable with diet, oral antifungals, and IV antifungals.

Third, if you have the ability to come into our office every 4 weeks for IV chelation , the benefits that you will receive are 5,

a) decrease plaque in your arteries,

b) scavenge free radicals that cause cancer

c) improve your kidney function

d) remove heavy metals from your body, decreasing your chances of getting Alzheimer's disease, and

e) decrease cholesterol 9-16 percent.

Fourth, have your doctor check a homocysteine level on you. This is the marker for inflammation in your arteries. The target is 4-7. If your numbers are higher than that, there are natural supplements that we can coach you up on that can bring it down, thereby decreasing your heart attack and stroke risk.

If I was to rank risk factors for heart attack and stroke from worst to least , I would rank them :

1) cigarette smoking

2) Diabetes

3) High blood pressure

4) Elevated homocysteine

5) Obesity

6) Family history of heart attack

7) Sedentary lifestyle ( i.e. Lack of aerobic exercise)

8) Type A personality

9) High cholesterol.

Lastly, there is a handout in our office that we call The Awesome 6-some that you can pick up. This is a list of 6 natural things that you can do to strengthen your heart. One of these 6 is aerobic exercise. To help your heart become stronger, you ( eventually ;i.e. , start low, go slow ) need to do a minimum of 20 min , 3 days per week.

That's pretty much the game plan. In closing , I would like to thank God for providing us with this wisdom, as well as all of these natural means by which to keep us well. God bless you, and be sure to share this info with family and friends.

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Love always,

Dr. G