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How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep

It’s been a long day. All you want is a good night’s rest. Your head hits the pillow, you close your eyes, and nothing. Instead, you are wide awake, even though you are exhausted. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to. Sure, there are medicines that will allow you to drift off into slumber, but wouldn’t you prefer a healthy alternative?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for different medicinal purposes and luckily, they are readily available in today’s society as well. So, when you are having trouble getting to sleep, here are three amazing essential oils that will naturally help you get there:

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil that comes from a European version of the sage plant. It has been known to relieve menstrual cramps, lower blood pressure, reduce spasms and convulsions, and act as an all-natural relaxant and sedative. This essential oil is perfect if you can’t sleep due to muscle spasms, cramps, or if you just can’t get your body to calm down enough to drift off....

Yoga for improving stress

We all experience stress in our daily lives and most people try to live with it without doing anything to alleviate it. In addition to leading to depression and anxiety, increased stress levels can affect our physical health as well. Fortunately, it's never too late to take action. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can reduce stress and benefit the physical body in a number of ways.

What Can Yoga Do for You?

Practicing yoga is a great way to relax and unwind, which translates to lower stress levels and reduced feelings of anxiety. While the benefits to your mental health may be felt almost immediately, you'll also observe physical benefits. In addition to building up muscle, yoga also strengthens the joints and prevents cartilage breakdown. By using muscles and joints that rarely get exercised, yoga poses reduce the risks of developing degenerative diseases like arthritis, as well lowering the chances that you'll be disabled by musculoskeletal breakdown later in life.

Increased blood circulation is also achieved through the regular practice of...

Heart disease holistic treatment

The recent heart attack of the 52 year old President of The American Heart Association has me musing today. Kind of ironic, would you agree?

We have 10,000 patients in our practice and I honestly remember 2 heart attacks since we moved to Heath on September 5,2008. One was a 57 y/0 male ( still alive) who was given testosterone pellets by another doctor. Point? 2 actually. First, there is a difference between physiologic testosterone replacement , i.e. Raising a 250 testosterone level (348 low normal) to 424 , which our office does with topical testosterone or oral Clomid, and dosing someone through the ceiling (1100 or greater) with testosterone pellets. Second, March 2014 New England Journal of Medicine reported a 36 percent increase in heart attack in men over age 65 who were started on testosterone.

Obviously, our patient broke the age rule at 57. His heart attack occurred 1 month after the pellets were placed.

Our other case was an otherwise very healthy man of 50. Not overweight. Excellent cholesterol values,normal blood pressure, not a diabetic, but had...

Alternative medicine

You have to be a self advocate!"

To take cancer head on you must be strong in your faith and research to know that not every doctor holds the correct answer for you. We will keep bringing you cancer miracles to help the fight in your mind first, so you can fight cancer along the way.

Alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Chronic Dehydration is a silent killer!

Due to the high temperatures and the tendency of most Americans to be chronically dehydrated, now is the time to be eating and drinking things that are high in minerals and liquid content, as well as easy to digest.

This would include:

Green veggies and green vegetable juices

Raw and lightly cooked vegetables

Low sugar berries (no fruit juices though)

Lemons and limes, but watch out for sugar, it is dehydrating.

Proper amounts (too much protein is not good) of high quality and light proteins, preferably not fried.

No heavy starches, heavy meats, and minimal to none of sugar intake.

Refresh with Lemon and Lime juices sweetened with Stevia (herbal). (sugar substitutes are dehydrating)

Reduce coffee and chocolate intake.

I'm sure there's more, but the main message is to eat lighter, easier to digest, more hydrating type food.

These dehydrate you , meaning robbing your body of essential minerals:

High temperatures



Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Today my friend and mentor from my Master's program at the Univ. of Connecticut , Dr Stephen Sinatra was honored with the Linus Pauling award at our lunch break. As many of you know , Dr Pauling is the only person in history to win 2 ( unshared) Nobel Prizes in Medicine. His work was centered around research on Vitamin C and its use in high doses for the treatment of disease. As many of you also know, we have been using intravenous Vitamin C as part of our comprehensive cancer treatment program since 2008, and the miraculous results continue to accumulate day by day.

I felt very blessed to be sitting next to him when his name was called.

Dr Sinatra lectured twice today. His morning topic was Healing the Heart with Vibrational Medicine.

Most of this lecture was spent giving us statistics on the damages to our body from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, and other forms of modern technology.

He flashed a slide that I tried to capture on my cell phone, posted below that shows the brain damage to the 5 year old due...

Alzheimer's Brain

Dr Kabran Chapek from Daniel Amen, MD's office presented New Approaches to Preventing Alzheimer's and Reversing Cognitive Decline. His first point is that the following therapies are not going to reverse end stage Alzheimer's. He compares that to what trees look like after a forest fire. Not much chance . But. AT ANY STAGE short of that, the following treatments have been shown to improve brain function. First, what does Dr Chapek say about what CAUSES Alzheimer's ?

1) Toxins - both heavy metals like lead, aluminum , arsenic, etc. , but also mycotoxins from fungus. As you are probably aware, we can help you with both of those issues with IV chelation and Far Infrared Sauna for toxins , and oral antifungals , IV hydrogen peroxide, diflucan , and ozone vs fungus.

2) Low oxygenation during sleep. We test nearly all of our patient for this issue , and certainly 100% of our patients with any degree of dementia.

3) Lack of brain nutrients.

4) Type 3 diabetes. This may be a new term to you as it has just been coined in the last year or so. It refers to high...

Alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Galectin 3 : Master Modulator of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease , Cancer, Inflammation , and Fibrosis ...

Biomarkers for the Prevention of Cancer and Other Neurodegenerative Conditions .....

Ketogenic Diet and Deuterium Depleted Water for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Degenerative Conditions ...and lastly.....

Hydration and Brain Health.

This morning I learned about a very nasty player in the body called Galectin 3. This is another marker for inflammation and can be directly correlated to bad clinical outcomes.

For example, if you or someone you know has congestive heart failure and your Galectin -3 level is less than 17.8 , the chance of you dying within the next 12 months is 13%. If your Galectin -3 level is greater than 25.9 your chance of dying in the next year rises to 37%Galectin -3 causes fibrosis of tissues including the kidneys. 50 million people in our country have chronic kidney disease, defined as a serum creatinine of 1.6 or higher.

We spend more money on this disease than any other single disease ( if you add up...

te ata.PNG

The Native American culture holds a special place in my heart because my mother, Geneva Butler Henderson, was half Cherokee and her dad, Gee Dick Butler, was full blood.

Gee Dick served in the U.S. Army in World War One, where he was injured and confined to a wheelchair. He died not too many years afterwards from pneumonia. I regret I never got to meet him , that I only knew this beautiful Native face from old photos.

When my mom passed away at age 49 due to heart disease complicated by diabetes, I started asking myself questions about why she and so many of her relatives died so young. And why did so many Cherokees have diabetes ? Why did so many of the patients at the Indian Hospital, where my mom received healthcare, have to have their gallbladders removed?

Then not too much later I was asking myself why I had Cancer in my thirties and my sister die of cancer at forty four..

Thirty some years later , I believe most of my questions , and a whole lot more, have been answered. And those answers have been the driving force of my passion for...

Linda's alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration Are:

. Dry skin and hair

. Sugar and salt cravings

. Fungal infections, skin, nails, etc.

. Dry mouth and dry eyes

. Eczema

. Constipation, bloating

. Exhausted adrenal glands

Causes of Chronic Dehydration are:

. Mineral deficiencies

. Low functioning and untreated thyroid

. Acid forming diet (sugar, caffeine, alcohol )

. Mineral loss due to sweating

. Chemicals in medications , OTC and prescription (makes us even more acid)

. Drinking lots of water without replacing minerals

. Chronic diarrhea or loose stools

Simple Things You Can Do:

. Half teaspoon Celtic sea salt in lemon water , twice a day ( for chronic pain, can add baking soda )

. Have iodine levels tested, then take only a drop or two a day or as doctor recommends

. Detox the body with a good herbal and fiber like Multicleanse by Nature's Secret

. Take and use these magnesiums : Citrate, Threonate and Mag Oil. (check out...

Carotid Endarterectomy

Daniel (name changed for confidential purpose) came to me after making a high risk decision to walk away from surgery and seek integrative medicine instead. He went to his doctor in San Antonio who did a CT scan on his neck and found that both of his carotid arteries had 80% blockage. There’s concern to be had once a 70% blockage is reached. His doctor advised him that he should have a Carotid Endarterectomy, which is like a bypass on your neck to clean out carotid arteries. With this surgery, like any surgery, it comes with anesthesia, which also comes with a massive amounts of toxins and a risk of internal bleeding and infection. Surgery is not a simple thing, and Daniel said “No Thanks, I heard about this Integrative Medical Doctor in North Texas that has these Intravenous Therapies that have been proven to cleanout people’s arteries and I’m going that route.” He of course was laughed out of the building. After Daniel’s assessment I wrote him a treatment plan of 20 IVs alternating between Hydrogen Peroxide and Chelation IVs. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and fungus from...

diabetes rebekah.jpg

Rebekah, (name changed for confidential purposes) age 8, presented to the office in Jan. 2010.

Rebekah is a sweet little girl that was very, very sick. She came into my office with her mother and father who, after receiving the news at an Emergency Room that their daughter had type 1 diabetes and would be on long and short acting insulin for the rest of her life, went home dismayed. When not receiving peace about the diagnosis they decided to pray. They prayed for an answer, they prayed for healing, they prayed to be lead in the right direction in getting a second opinion. Which, thankfully, lead them on a 3 hour journey from Wichita Falls, TX to my office. She still had an elevated sugar of 243 after being on insulin. Normal blood sugar levels are between 65-100.Her parents asked me, “Doc, what do you think?” I, knowing there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, simply stated what I saw, and they received the same answer. “Your daughter has type 1 diabetes and will be on insulin for the rest of her life.” But then Rebekah's parents said to me, “Dr. Gonino, we have the faith of...

Heart disease holistic healing

Heart Disease in America. What's the real culprit?

Thyroid Medication Equivalents

Gonino Center for Healing Thyroid Medication Instructions It is important that you know how to take your thyroid medication properly. Helpful information including the timing of your medication, interactions with foods, drugs and supplements are covered, as well as creative ways to remember to take your thyroid medication.

  1. Always check the prescription against what you receive.

  2. Dr Gonino feels the ideal time to take thyroid medication is in the morning.

    1. If you sleep well, i.e., sleep 7-9 hours without waking up, Dr Gonino prefers that upon waking you begin your day with prayer.

    2. Set your intent for the day, then eat a healthy breakfast.

    3. Take all of your non-calcium containing supplements with breakfast.

    4. Take Alka Salts and any other Calcium supplements at bedtime.

    5. Take your Thyroid medication 2 hours after breakfast.

      1. Take your thyroid with a full glass of water

      2. Wait one hour before eating after taking your...

gonino wellness

Because of the growing popularity of the new movie, The Fault in Our Stars, about a young woman dying of thyroid cancer, I have decided to talk today about thyroid function and it's extreme importance to our health.Before I go any further, I would like my wife, Linda, a thyroid cancer survivor of thirty three years, to share her story with you.


I suppose I should start my thyroid story with the cancer diagnosis and surgery, but I believe the story preceding the diagnosis is just as important, so that's where I will start.

My mother was half Cherokee Indian, my father, one quarter. My mom, her mother and three siblings were diabetic and all but one died young. Her father, a full blood Cherokee, died in his forties from pneumonia as a result of injuries sustained in World War One. Our family, being enrolled in the Cherokee Nation, were provided commodities as part of the US Government's Food Distribution Program for Native Americans. I remember distinctly, my mom opening a box of "cheese" and handing me a slice of this pale yellow, gelatinous and...

summers eve1.jpg

Is that a Summers Eve Advertisement above us? Who remembers those and how they enticed all of us to believe we would smell spring-y fresh like we were running through a meadow if we were to buy and use a douche?! Here is Mrs. Gonino applying the science behind why douching should be a no-no and how spring-y fresh can be achieved naturally.

Another post inspired by my daughter..

"Mom, I think maybe I need to do a douche."

After I made her repeat her statement , because I wasn't quite sure I had heard correctly, my knee jerk response was to say , rather tersely, we don't douche, we don't ever douche!

The blank look on her face told me I was going to need to offer more information than that before she was going to buy into my advice.

In retrospect, my knee jerk reaction was triggered by the shocking revelation that douching is still a thing ( an absurd thing! )especially for healthy young women. Surely douching went out with my mother's generation , right?! Evidently not..So, my intent with this post is to enlighten moms , grandmoms , girls,...

fish tank1.jpg

Yesterday, I received an email from my daughter, Allie. She wanted to know if I could help a friend of a friend who had recently been given a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. And I knew instantly what the subject should be.

I want to share with you what I, and many Integrative Medicine doctors, believe is the reason cancer develops. I believe cancer and most diseases and disorders, are caused by a cluster of chronic imbalances in the body. Imbalances of :


Body PH,


Energy systems

An easy way to understand the PH and Flora imbalances, is the "Fish Tank" analogy.

When the PH of a fish tank becomes unbalanced , the water begins to turn dark green. If treatment isn't soon provided to rebalance the PH, the water becomes darker and darker, the fish start to die,the water evaporates, and algae begins to overtake the tank.So, our bodies are like a fish tank when our PH becomes unbalanced. The water is the liquid that the "fish," (our organs, glands, bones, muscles,etc,) "swims" in.When body PH becomes chronically over acid, the...

holistic treatment for cancer story

I ordered a salad and sat down to read the latest news on BBC.com. I picked the dried cranberries out of my salad. Apparently cranberries have a high glycemic index and I was trying to avoid high glycemic everything. I couldn’t stop reading the news. I love the news. I was reading about the Rohinga, a stateless group of people who have been persecuted and remain at the center of a geopolitical conflict between Burma and Bangladesh. They were loading up into fishing boats, piled on top of one another, sailing for Malaysia in hope of a better life. They were turned away at the shore, mercilessly. I sipped my iced tea and got a text from the doctor. He and his wife had just landed. They spent the week in Reno learning about Ozone Therapy. “We are running behind. We should be there in around three hours to get you. We will get dinner, then hit Whole Foods to stock up for the week,” he wrote.

The doctor is calculated. I think he calculates how he will spend each second of each day. He wastes no time. No words. His purpose drives him in every aspect of his life. I wrote a quick...

intravenous ozone therapy

What is ozone? Ozone is three molecules of oxygen, O3, Instead of the usual way that oxygen exists in nature, which is O2. It was first discovered in 1786 and first synthesized in a German Lab in 1840. In 1873 it was discovered that when any micro-oganism, exs: viruses, bacteria, tuberculosis, diphtheria were subjected to ozone gas, they were killed.

In 1911, Dr, Noble Eberhart, head of the Departmant of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, pertussis, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, gout and syphilis.

In 1961 Dr. Hans Wolff developed the major and minor auto hemotherapy techniques that we use in our office today. As you may remember from your high school biology class, the majority of energy in your body, called ATP, is produced in the mitochondria of our cells, through a process called electron transport. Oxygen is the final electron receptor in this process. Therefore, if we can increase the oxygen content of the body, this process can occur more efficiently.

Also, as you probably know, the...

health and wellness products

We now have our own Gonino Center Custom Micro Green Kit with Urban Hydro Greens! Our custom kit includes everything you need to grow your own micro greens, easily, in your home. With high content of nutrients, fresh cut raw micro greens thrown into a smoothie, soup, salad, sandwich etc. is an action packed way to give you your daily supply of vitamins and mineral. Read below info on our different seed packs (broccoli, kale, radish, and sweet pea) that come in your kit and how to order.

Micro Greens are grown to a stage of development in between a sprout and a baby green. They contain the dense nutritional value of a sprout topped off with an extra kiss of life sustaining chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been called “nature’s greatest healer”. It is the first product of light, therefore contains more healing properties than any other element.

Got H.O.P.E? Hormones, Oxygen, Phytonutrients and Enzymes are the most delicate and beneficial nutrients you can consume. They are abundantly found in Micro...