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This is the time of year where we all decide to re-group. We plan to lose the 7 lbs of fat we gained between Thanksgiving and Jan 1, we plan to take our health seriously because our hair is falling out and we are overly stressed, food is making us feel badly and we want to change that! Whatever the resolution, here we are, let's do this!

I want to talk a little bit about the quick fix fascination and why not to get stuck into this mindset, it causes more problems than productive long lasting outcomes, especially when it comes to the testosterone craze.

This is also the time of year that we see ads for the latest and greatest weight loss pill, the newest free testosterone booster, etc. America is a quick fix, I want it now society. Therefore, fatigue must be a low testosterone problem correct? Get these pellets placed into your body , all good, right? I'm sure it has nothing to do with sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coaster causing poor sleep. Nothing to do with other hormone imbalances , nutritional deficiencies, toxic metals, Epstein Barr virus flares, Lyme...

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Being the #DetoxQueen for over twenty two years , and being a recent Malibu Fire evacuee (my house and precious little neighborhood were thankfully spared ) I want to share with anyone affected by the smoke and fires some of what I believe to be the most important and basic things you can do to help the body to detox itself from the harmful contaminants and the resulting fungal overgrowth that can happen all over and in any part of the body. The lungs are especially vulnerable .

This is a simplified and basic start for supporting the body through the detoxification process . Detoxification is a multilayered and sometimes, complex process, depending on the individual.

For example , a good friend worked in a building near the Twin Towers during 911. She and some of her co-workers went back to their office building the day after the towers went down . It wasn’t until about five years later that she began having debilitating migraines , chronic fatigue , and a sporadic cough that within a few years , developed into an all day , all the time jarring , wet , rattle...


Hello everyone. Happy November, and Happy Thanksgiving !

As a child and probably all the way until my daughter Allie turned 12 when Christmas magic faded , my favorite holiday was always Christmas. I suppose most people feel similar. And I still love it; don't get me wrong.

But for the past 16 years I would have to say that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. And it has nothing to do with the food; although I like that part. It has to do with pausing for 4 days, or at least 1 day, to take a deep breath and give thanks to God , and the various people, friends, family that support us on our day to day journey, and , eventually, that day to day journey that turns into another year past in the record book, that eventually becomes the story of our life when we die.

It was early to mid October when Ronit emailed all of us members of Our Wellbeing Compass with our blog topic for November:

Gratitude. I remember my immediate thought was " perfect". I had no idea what I was going to say, and still don't, but here goes.....

This past year I have noticed...

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While the benefits of intravenous therapy are obvious if you've ever visited a hospital (especially if you're the one with an I.V. drip in your arm!), their use in preventative and holistic medicine is a little less well-known. They are increasingly being used as a way of fortifying the body with vitamins and minerals quickly and efficiently, as well as providing hydration in one of the quickest ways possible. From fending off a cold to giving your body an added boost of nutrition, read on to learn more about how I.V. Therapy can be used to improve your health

What Is I.V Therapy?

I.V. therapy works much like the way regular intravenous medicines are delivered to sick patients. A specially prepared solution of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are combined in a mostly saline solution that also has a hydrating effect. There are different vitamin and mineral combinations available, each prepared for specific health benefits for the unique patient. These are injected into your bloodstream by a licensed professional.


massage therapy

Maintaining good health should always be a top priority. If you’re serious about improving your overall wellness, you should know the many benefits of massage. Here are three reasons to incorporate massage into your wellness routine.

Stress Management

If you don’t take the necessary steps to limit the amount of stress in your life, it can become a major detriment to your health. The physical and mental pressure will eventually start to take a toll. Not only can chronic stress cause unnecessary wear and tear on your body, but it can also be emotionally draining. Even worse, anxiety puts you at a greater risk of developing ailments such as heart disease and hypertension. Regular massage therapy has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. After getting your body kneaded at a wellness spa, expect to feel completely rejuvenated.

Helps You Sleep Better

According to health experts, it’s especially important to get enough sleep. Aside from boosting your energy levels, quality sleep enhances your ability to...


What is well established by research and not open for discussion is that physiologic sleep is eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, seven hours is second best, and nine hours is third. Everything else is broken.

I’m addressing everyone who experience broken sleep. When you don’t sleep well—and realize your health suffers from the deprivation of proper rest—you have to treat the symptom. Of course there are medications available, but the most recently introduced medication to the market for sleep had a staggering 1016 adverse drug reactions reported within the first 6 months. Some people do well with melatonin, 3-20mg at bedtime. My mom fixed her sleep issue with 700 mg of Passion Flower.

But after you figure out how to control the symptom, the spiritual question remains, “Why am I not sleeping?” There could be a number of external reasons; such as a barking dog outside the house, a crying baby, etc. I believe the number one reason that people don’t sleep is because they’re riding sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coaster. There are several factors that can cause this. For...


Intense training is key to developing an elite athlete, but there's something even more important than rigorous exercise: proper nutrition. Food is the fuel that keeps your body going during the day when you're active and even at night when you're sound asleep. Your organs work around the clock to keep you alive. When they all work efficiently and harmoniously like a well-oiled machine, you'll run faster and jump higher than ever before.

Eat Right to Reach Your Potential

If you're an athlete who's trying to achieve maximum performance during workouts or during competition, you must embrace food. By consuming the right foods in the right quantities, you'll absorb the energy and nutrients that allow your organs to function at their best.

Have Fruit Before a Workout

Carbohydrates are best consumed as a pre-workout snack because they provide energy that is immediately ready for your body to use. Simple carbs, like those found in fruit, tend to store as body fat if they aren't expended right away so it's ideal to eat them...


The concept of martial arts often brings to mind action, high energy and speedy moves. However, tai chi is the meditative and stress-relieving martial art known for its slow-paced and fluid movements.

Tai chi, often practiced in groups outdoors or in a wellness center, was once exclusively practiced throughout Asian cultures. In recent years the practice has attracted large numbers of adherents in the Western world due to its purported health benefits such as reduced inflammation, increased energy and stamina, improved mood, and blood pressure regulation. Medical research continues to substantiate these health claims and host of other benefits as well. Learn more about the benefits of tai chi, and visit the Gonino Center for Healing to try your hand at this amazing practice!

Cardiovascular Benefits

In a study conducted at the Korean Academy of Nursing, post-menopausal women who practiced tai chi for six months showed improvements in cardiovascular health as well...

Holistic Medicine Heath, TX

Our holistic healing center has been providing our clients with a new perspective to wellness for over 20 years. Our experts agree that healthy digestion and gut health is vital for enjoying great overall health. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the majority of your immune system is found in the lining of your gut, which contains cells that interact with the bacteria that resides inside.

Over time, the gut lining may become damaged because of its exposure to toxins such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemical irritants and medications. The lining may also be damaged by poor food choices or pathogenic strains of bacteria and fungi. Fortunately, it is possible for you to take steps to heal your gut so that you can enjoy health improvements. Here are three tips that the Gonino Center for Healing recommends for improving the health of your gut.

1. Determine what substances are causing problems and remove them.

If you are having gut health problems, one of the first things that you should do is to identify any food or substance that is causing...


While many people brush their teeth to avoid bad breath and cavities, dental hygiene also plays a larger role in the health of the entire body. When extra bacteria react with numerous types of sugars in the mouth, the bacteria can tremendously increase the risk of gum disease. When this happens, the affected gums contain microbes that can affect the heart, reduce the elasticity of the blood vessels, exacerbate the symptoms of autoimmune conditions, augment the risk of dementia and increase systemic inflammation. Read on to learn more about the connection between dental health and overall wellness, and contact us today to see how we can help in your journey to detoxification.

Examining Hygiene and the Blood Vessels

When a person's gums contain a large amount of bacteria, the microbes can eventually reach the blood vessels, and the bacteria could cause endocarditis, which is a condition that may affect an individual's blood pressure. If you experience endocarditis, bacteria can accumulate in numerous valves of the heart, and the microbes may cause...


It can be difficult to detect if your thyroid is not functioning properly. Because it is responsible for producing so many different hormones, an underactive thyroid can manifest in a multitude of ways.

If you think you might have a malfunctioning thyroid, or you haven't been feeling like yourself lately, keep reading to see if you need to talk to your doctor about hypothyroidism.

What is Hypothyroidism?

This is a medical condition that can develop when your thyroid gland is unable to produce the correct amounts of certain hormones. Without these hormones, your body can't function at its full capacity. Thyroid hormones affect everything from body temperature to energy levels, metabolism and heart rate.

There is also a condition called hyperthyroidism, which is an overactive thyroid gland. However, this disorder has a more obvious and straightforward set of symptoms, so it is typically easier for a doctor to recognize right away. Because of this, today's article will focus on hypothyroidism.



Health, and the human body in general, is a complex topic. Often people may treat a specific symptom without considering the underlying cause, with less than optimum results. On the other hand, holistic medicine encourages people to focus on the health of the entire person, including mental and spiritual factors as well as physical. The body is one working system, and this approach can yield great results. There are a few reasons why a holistic approach to health can be the right choice for you.

The Best of Two Worlds

Holistic medicine is not limited to either traditional or alternative medicine but instead encourages you to combine treatments of both to obtain the best results. For example, a recurring problem, such as back pain, can have many contributing factors, from physical issues to tension and stress or bodily imbalances caused by a poor diet. Holistic practitioners will consider all of the involved factors and tailor treatment to suit the patient. This encourages a unique solution for each patient, rather than attempting to generalize...

How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep

It’s been a long day. All you want is a good night’s rest. Your head hits the pillow, you close your eyes, and nothing. Instead, you are wide awake, even though you are exhausted. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to. Sure, there are medicines that will allow you to drift off into slumber, but wouldn’t you prefer a healthy alternative?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for different medicinal purposes and luckily, they are readily available in today’s society as well. So, when you are having trouble getting to sleep, here are three amazing essential oils that will naturally help you get there:

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil that comes from a European version of the sage plant. It has been known to relieve menstrual cramps, lower blood pressure, reduce spasms and convulsions, and act as an all-natural relaxant and sedative. This essential oil is perfect if you can’t sleep due to muscle spasms, cramps, or if you just can’t get your body to calm down enough to drift off....

Yoga for improving stress

We all experience stress in our daily lives and most people try to live with it without doing anything to alleviate it. In addition to leading to depression and anxiety, increased stress levels can affect our physical health as well. Fortunately, it's never too late to take action. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can reduce stress and benefit the physical body in a number of ways.

What Can Yoga Do for You?

Practicing yoga is a great way to relax and unwind, which translates to lower stress levels and reduced feelings of anxiety. While the benefits to your mental health may be felt almost immediately, you'll also observe physical benefits. In addition to building up muscle, yoga also strengthens the joints and prevents cartilage breakdown. By using muscles and joints that rarely get exercised, yoga poses reduce the risks of developing degenerative diseases like arthritis, as well lowering the chances that you'll be disabled by musculoskeletal breakdown later in life.

Increased blood circulation is also achieved through the regular practice of...

Heart disease holistic treatment

The recent heart attack of the 52 year old President of The American Heart Association has me musing today. Kind of ironic, would you agree?

We have 10,000 patients in our practice and I honestly remember 2 heart attacks since we moved to Heath on September 5,2008. One was a 57 y/0 male ( still alive) who was given testosterone pellets by another doctor. Point? 2 actually. First, there is a difference between physiologic testosterone replacement , i.e. Raising a 250 testosterone level (348 low normal) to 424 , which our office does with topical testosterone or oral Clomid, and dosing someone through the ceiling (1100 or greater) with testosterone pellets. Second, March 2014 New England Journal of Medicine reported a 36 percent increase in heart attack in men over age 65 who were started on testosterone.

Obviously, our patient broke the age rule at 57. His heart attack occurred 1 month after the pellets were placed.

Our other case was an otherwise very healthy man of 50. Not overweight. Excellent cholesterol values,normal blood pressure, not a diabetic, but had...

Alternative medicine

You have to be a self advocate!"

To take cancer head on you must be strong in your faith and research to know that not every doctor holds the correct answer for you. We will keep bringing you cancer miracles to help the fight in your mind first, so you can fight cancer along the way.

Alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Chronic Dehydration is a silent killer!

Due to the high temperatures and the tendency of most Americans to be chronically dehydrated, now is the time to be eating and drinking things that are high in minerals and liquid content, as well as easy to digest.

This would include:

Green veggies and green vegetable juices

Raw and lightly cooked vegetables

Low sugar berries (no fruit juices though)

Lemons and limes, but watch out for sugar, it is dehydrating.

Proper amounts (too much protein is not good) of high quality and light proteins, preferably not fried.

No heavy starches, heavy meats, and minimal to none of sugar intake.

Refresh with Lemon and Lime juices sweetened with Stevia (herbal). (sugar substitutes are dehydrating)

Reduce coffee and chocolate intake.

I'm sure there's more, but the main message is to eat lighter, easier to digest, more hydrating type food.

These dehydrate you , meaning robbing your body of essential minerals:

High temperatures



Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Today my friend and mentor from my Master's program at the Univ. of Connecticut , Dr Stephen Sinatra was honored with the Linus Pauling award at our lunch break. As many of you know , Dr Pauling is the only person in history to win 2 ( unshared) Nobel Prizes in Medicine. His work was centered around research on Vitamin C and its use in high doses for the treatment of disease. As many of you also know, we have been using intravenous Vitamin C as part of our comprehensive cancer treatment program since 2008, and the miraculous results continue to accumulate day by day.

I felt very blessed to be sitting next to him when his name was called.

Dr Sinatra lectured twice today. His morning topic was Healing the Heart with Vibrational Medicine.

Most of this lecture was spent giving us statistics on the damages to our body from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, and other forms of modern technology.

He flashed a slide that I tried to capture on my cell phone, posted below that shows the brain damage to the 5 year old due...

Alzheimer's Brain

Dr Kabran Chapek from Daniel Amen, MD's office presented New Approaches to Preventing Alzheimer's and Reversing Cognitive Decline. His first point is that the following therapies are not going to reverse end stage Alzheimer's. He compares that to what trees look like after a forest fire. Not much chance . But. AT ANY STAGE short of that, the following treatments have been shown to improve brain function. First, what does Dr Chapek say about what CAUSES Alzheimer's ?

1) Toxins - both heavy metals like lead, aluminum , arsenic, etc. , but also mycotoxins from fungus. As you are probably aware, we can help you with both of those issues with IV chelation and Far Infrared Sauna for toxins , and oral antifungals , IV hydrogen peroxide, diflucan , and ozone vs fungus.

2) Low oxygenation during sleep. We test nearly all of our patient for this issue , and certainly 100% of our patients with any degree of dementia.

3) Lack of brain nutrients.

4) Type 3 diabetes. This may be a new term to you as it has just been coined in the last year or so. It refers to high...

Alkalized cocktail for thyroid packet

Galectin 3 : Master Modulator of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease , Cancer, Inflammation , and Fibrosis ...

Biomarkers for the Prevention of Cancer and Other Neurodegenerative Conditions .....

Ketogenic Diet and Deuterium Depleted Water for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Degenerative Conditions ...and lastly.....

Hydration and Brain Health.

This morning I learned about a very nasty player in the body called Galectin 3. This is another marker for inflammation and can be directly correlated to bad clinical outcomes.

For example, if you or someone you know has congestive heart failure and your Galectin -3 level is less than 17.8 , the chance of you dying within the next 12 months is 13%. If your Galectin -3 level is greater than 25.9 your chance of dying in the next year rises to 37%Galectin -3 causes fibrosis of tissues including the kidneys. 50 million people in our country have chronic kidney disease, defined as a serum creatinine of 1.6 or higher.

We spend more money on this disease than any other single disease ( if you add up...