Dr. Training

If you and your practice are interested in implementing alternative therapies but do not know where to get started, let the Gonino Center for Healing's (Gonino Wellness Systems) program provide you with knowledge that has been time tested and proven over the course of 20 years.

Gonino Wellness Systems training program was instated to provide education, training, and guidance to doctors interested in providing integrated care for their patients and to bring a new, fruitful dimension to their practice.

All training programs are taught on site at The Gonino Center For Healing. We allow full transparency on how our practice works and let you as a doctor shadow Dr. John Gonino to understand the intricacies of integrative patient care, provide one on one sessions with the doctor, business manager and billing manager. Train your medical assistants to help provide the doctor with back up care, ( they too must understand integrative medicine for a successful practice). Education on our Nutritional Supplement and Intravenous Administration and Formulary Programs and much more. Below is the full scope of services our Doctor Training Program Provides.


  • Diagnosing
  • Microscopy
  • Treatment Planning
  • Case Presentation
  • Intravenous Training and Formularies
  • Nutritional Supplementation/Medication Education
  • GWS Wellness Power Point Presentation


  • Managing by Statistics
  • Marketing- Internal & External
  • Scheduling
  • New Patient Coordinator
  • Advising On Site for Optimum Success


  • Medical Asst. Training,Wellness Program Case Presentation/Tracking
  • Nutritional Supplement Training
  • Intravenous Administration and Formularies

Let's work together in bringing true health to the human race, spreading the knowledge of wellness and fostering it in our patients instead of dependence upon the medical community and the drug industry.

For further information please contact us via email and we will be in touch promptly.


"After nearly twenty years of medical experience, seeing the positive and the limitations of main stream medicine, I chose to go beyond and grow into not something else, but something more – integrative medicine. That choice has proven to be deeply fulfilling to me as I have helped many more people heal. That’s right, heal. Traditional medicine tends to shy away from that goal now. It’s called “management” of the patient.

Dr. John Gonino is healer. He is also a teacher that I was fortunate to learn from nearly six years ago. The principles he taught me serve me daily with meaningful results to help my patients be fully well. I commend any doctor who is seeking more to help their patients heal from deep causes of chronic inflammation and broken immune systems. Those future patients will seek you out because many need more. Learning from Dr. Gonino has been one of the best professional choices I’ve made."

Tony Rector, D.O.

Southlake Integrative Wellness Center

Southlake, TX